As the Center continues to look for new ways of bringing creativity into the world through art and ecology, volunteers are crucial to our success. Volunteers are needed to share their experience, time, expertise, and, of course, creativity. The Sitka Center has many opportunities to offer you. Together we can bring more creativity into the world!

Here's what our extraordinary volunteers have to say.

"If you're looking for peace & quiet, Sitka is the place. If you're looking for joy and fun, Sitka is the place. If you're looking for artistic stimulation, Sitka is also the place."†Jšn Polisensky, Historian Volunteer

"I can't believe Sitka doesn't make me pay to work here!" Suzie Henderson, Art Inventory Volunteer

"The Sitka Center is a special place, and it's a pleasure to be associated with it. †Personally, we believe strongly in the close relationship between art and ecology and feel good about doing our part to help promote Sitka's mission of melding the two." Pete and Connie Owston, Library Volunteers

"Volunteering at Sitka gives me the opportunity to feel part of this captivating environment and creative community,†as well as,†the satisfaction of contributing toward the continuation of Sitka's mission." Loretta Chambers, Office Volunteer

Maveety Courtyard, our backyard

Volunteer Opportunities:

Accounting Volunteer: If you like keeping meticulous track of numbers, this is the position for you. Work with an accounting software program to keep our books accurate and up-to-date.

Artist-In-Residence Helper: Artists-in-residence join us from around the world, as well as nearby, from October to May. Since they are new to the area, and often don't bring a car, they appreciate a little extra help in getting around. While they are deeply engaged in their artwork, they need to go to the grocery store too.

Evaluation Data-Entry Volunteer: If you delight in the rhythm of entering data, this position is for you. Evaluation forms we receive from our students and instructors help shape our future activities. At the end of each workshop, we collect them and enter them into our database system.

Online Calendar Posting Volunteer: Spread the word about Sitka by posting our events and workshops in online calendars throughout the workshop season. Be part of making our events and workshops a success by drawing wonderful people to take part in the fun.

Events: Volunteer for a specific event when an ongoing position just doesn't fit your schedule. We have several one-day events throughout the year where we need help before, during, and after the event.

Other ideas are happily embraced! How can we help each other? To chat further, please contact us at 541-994-5485 or email.


Young Elk, our neighbors