2012 Boyden Studio Upgrade & Energy Efficiency

We hope you enjoy watching the transformation of the Boyden Studio as much as we do. See more details about the plans and fundraising here.

bath tub sink with staff
We thought we were saying goodbye to our funky bathtub/sink so we decided to "mark" the moment with a photo. From left to right, here are the 6 Sitka peeps touching the tub: Ernie Rose, Rebecca Welti, Mindy Chaffin, Jalene Case, Eric Vines, and Dawn Stetzel.

bath tub sink all alone
Everything is cleared out of the studio (including the kitchen!) and our tub is looking very lonely.

Sadly, the inefficient, old, cracking woodstove had to go.

studio cleared out
And now, the work begins. Scaffolding & ladders are in place and the scent of freshly cut wood is in the air.

chaos of construction
The well-choreographed chaos of construction.

The first round of insulation is in and it's already feeling warmer inside.

The sun is out and the roof is coming off!

The 9 new skylights are now in with solar powered, retractable, black-out blinds.

Lots of new outlets being installed + electrical updates to make students in workshops who need power much happier.

blown in insulation
It just so happens that it was really snowing outside at Sitka during this time so it was funny that it looked like we got more snow inside when they were blowing in some of the insulation.

new windows
All the new windows are installed and it's remarkable to be able to clearly see the ocean instead of the old, fuzzy, foggy view through the old windows. Honestly, there's an ocean in the sea of white beyond the trees!

new storage space
We're adding storage and laundry facility space by digging into the earth under the Boyden Studio. It's amazing to watch this space emerge.

new storage space
The first cement pour is finished in the storage room.

new storage space
The wood has arrived and will be prepped to hang on the walls. It will be nice to have our cozy, wood feeling back again.

new storage space
The kitchen cabinets are being installed and they're gorgeous.