Endowment Fund

On behalf of the board and staff of Sitka Center for Art and Ecology, we are delighted to announce that we have met the John Gray Challenge for the endowment campaign. Thanks to generous support by many Sitka neighbors, workshop participants and supporters, the endowment campaign has earned the second and final $250,000 installment of the Gray challenge. We are grateful to all who participated and thrilled to have achieved this milestone.

When Sitka's board first envisioned the endowment campaign, they could hardly imagine how many friends and supporters would pledge support. Those who have experienced Sitka's magic over its 43-year history believe it has the power to endure and are committed to its sustainability.

If you would like to receive detailed information or to contribute to the endowment please contact Ben Shockey, Executive Director, by calling 541.994.5485 or email.

Meet some of the Endowment Fund Donors

Valoy and Greg Warburton:
sitka supporters

Valoy Warburton, endowment donor Greg Warburton, endowment donor

We have chosen to leave our estate to Sitka because we strongly believe in the arts. We think the arts play a significant role in every human life. Sitka's goals match ours and Sitka has stood the test of time. Their original goals and mission are as relevant today as they were when it was founded over 40 years ago. To quote Sitka, "... the Sitka Center offers a place where artists, writers, environmental scientists and musicians of all abilities and backgrounds come to nourish and inspire their creativity, which ripples out into our world making it a brighter place for all."

We support artists of all ages, but have a particular interest in supporting new artists; enabling them to pursue their artistic passion unencumbered, for a time, by financial issues. We hold a firm belief that the arts contribute to the peace and beauty of the world and; though there are a myriad of valuable causes requesting donations, we choose not to overlook the fine arts.

With sincerity and joy,
Valoy and Greg Warburton

Pat and Darle Maveety:
sitka instructor, board member, volunteer and student

Darle and Pat Maveety, endowment donor

We have been asked to express why we chose to contribute to Sitka's Endowment Fund. For more than forty years it has been an increasingly important part of our lives as we take many workshops there each summer. The classes we have taken are memorable for their content, but especially for the comradeship of the other participants. Many of them have become our friends, special people who have enriched our creative experience. We embrace the founding concept of the relationship between art and nature and have supported it with increasing enthusiasm over the years. Its beautiful location alone, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, is a major inspiration for the exploration of art inspired by the natural environ ment of Cascade Head and the Salmon River estuary, literally at the Center's front door.

Carrie Larson:
sitka artist-in-residence and volunteer

Carrie Larson, endowment donors

When I first learned of Sitka's endowment campaign, I was a resident there, thoroughly and gratefully immersed in art-making. Although my monetary gift was modest, I believe in the importance of even little contributions, which add up with other little contributions over time to become something substantial and sustaining. Why did I give? Because an endowment frees an organization to focus on its mission. My husband works for a museum and each year I witness how much time and energy must be spent on fundraising for basic operations.  That's time and energy that can't be spent developing better programs, improving facilities, or nurturing community relationships. Because of the generosity of others, I was given the gift of six weeks at Sitka to focus on my own mission ---- to make use of my creative voice. A well-funded endowment frees Sitka's dedicated staff to focus on theirs.  I wanted to have a role ---- no matter how minor ----in sustaining the program and place that affirms and nourishes the work that artists do.

Carol and Michael Riley:
sitka instructor, board member, volunteer and student

Carol and Michael Riley, endowment donors

My husband Michael and I enthusiastically support Sitka because we have both experienced the surprises to be found there. Sitka's extraordinary location sets the tone. As instructors, we experienced the confluence of creative ideas when students, teachers, and artist residents gathered to exchange ideas and disciplines. The reasons why each came to Sitka were always as varied as those who came. What we all experienced together was a nurturing atmosphere filled with laughter, conversation and friendship. Students and teachers alike left changed in positive and unimagined ways. The creative vitality then moved out from Sitka to enhance a larger world.

Marlys Pierson:
sitka board president, student and volunteer

Carrie Larson, endowment donors

Every day, Sitka Center fosters connections between the arts and the environment and the people around us.Its programs explore and stimulate creative thinking and understanding of these interrelationships. Sitka is the perfect blend of what nurtures our soul and makes for a better world.

It transforms lives. What better value to support? Sitka empowers us, invests in us and enriches us. And I know my contribution helps protect this special place. It reinforces and perpetuates Sitka's inspiration for you and me, our children, and theirs, and for humanity.

Sitka Center builds character and confidence; it provides an opportunity to share, engage and connect. It is a place of encouragement ---- a safe haven for expression, exploration and stimulation. Sitka strengthens our capacity and courage to express our values and ourselves; and to believe in our own creativity and capacity ---- and those of others. Sitka matters because it enriches life and lends dignity to our character.

An investment in Sitka Center supports the power of the harmonious interrelationships between art and the environment and consequently with each other. And I get to help with my contribution.