2012 End of Year Directors Note
December 2012

Whether you have been contributing to Sitka since 1970 or you have recently discovered us, we are grateful to each of you for every dollar you share with us and we use it wisely.

You most likely receive our monthly e-Newsletters sharing what's happening throughout the year, but we thought it would be nice to present the highlights of 2012 all in one place so you can see how your money is making a difference.

Residency Program
This program does not generate income and thanks to many donors, it remains strong.

One of the elements that makes our program unique is that we offer 3 1/2 month residencies. Compared to shorter-length programs, Sitka residents are able to sink more deeply into their work. In 2012, we housed 13 residents (up to 5 at time) and most were able to stay the entire 3 1/2 months.

Sitka was selected by The Ford Family Foundation as one of three organizations in Oregon to receive funding, which allowed us to pay stipends to Oregon visual artists. We love handing checks to artists!

Workshop Program
While this program generates income, it is not covered entirely by tuition.

In an effort to keep the program fresh, each year we aim to offer approximately 30% new workshops taught by new instructors. In addition, we take some risks experimenting with our offerings. As such, sometimes these workshops have enough students to run and sometimes they get canceled. Here's a summary of 2012: 106 workshops, 945 students, 14% of the workshops were canceled and 35% were completely full.

High School Art Scholarships
We had the pleasure of awarding scholarships for workshops to local high school students for the second year in a row. I don't know who gets more excited when they come to take workshops -- us or them! We awarded 18 scholarships this year.

Facility Renovation
This was a big, big year for facility upgrades! The original Sitka studio, the Boyden Studio, received several energy efficiency upgrades including insulation, windows, skylights, electrical upgrades, LED lights, interior wood paneling and a kitchen. Plus, we expanded our storage space by excavating back into the earth below the Boyden Studio which has helped our workflow immensely. The total expense for this huge project was $282,000.

Endowment Fund
We decided that after 42 years, the time has come to build a stronger, more financially sustainable future for the Sitka Center. We began a quest in 2010 to raise $2.8 million for an endowment fund. Thanks to a generous incentive provided by the John Gray Foundation, we are motivated to complete the fund in 2013. When we raise the final $551,000 by December 31, 2013, we will receive $250,000 which brings us to our goal of $2.8 million. Woohoo!

As you can see, your contribution made a lot happen in 2012 and we cannot thank you enough. You made it possible. Your donations make a difference. We hope you're happy with the results and that we'll get to see you in the coming year.

In gratitude,

Sitka Board and Staff
Jalene, Caroline, Ernie, Mindy, Dawn, Rebecca, Marlys, Jane, Laura, Sarah,Carol, Nancy, Pat, and Kregg