About Reflections

The Reflections program at the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology is a 200 year-long project devoted to exhibiting place-based creative responses to the rich and varied landscapes in which Sitka is embedded. We invite each resident who chooses to participate in the program to submit a response to one or more specific Reflections sites within these landscapes. These responses will become part of a collective body of work in an online archive. The collection seeks to record shifting societal and cultural views of the environment, new ideas in art theory and technique, changes in the sites’ physical appearance, and the artists’ unique backgrounds and viewpoints.

The Sitka Ecological Reflections program is part of a larger national program ( Ecological Reflections ) whose mission is “to bring the environmental sciences, arts, and humanities together in long-term attention to places and their cultural and moral meanings, as these places change over time and generations.”

The network of participating sites, including Sitka, ranges across the country, from the hardwood forests of New England to the old growth forests of the Oregon Cascades, from the river-of-grass Everglades to the temperate lakes of Northern Wisconsin. Mirroring the diversity of sites is the diversity of programs that reflect upon the scientific, artistic, and cultural facets and legacies of these sites.

As part of the Reflections Program, the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology proposes six local sites where residents may participate, four in the Salmon River Estuary, two in the Cascade Head Experimental Forest.

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