Danielle Vogel


Danielle Vogel is a poet, herbalist and interdisciplinary artist working at the intersections of queer ecology, somatics and ceremony. She is the author of The Way a Line Hallucinates Its Own Linearity, Edges & Fray and Between Grammars. Her creative research practice, which includes the study of animal architectures, land and sea restoration, plant communication, the science of biophotons and epigenetic theory and also encompasses aspects of her art-making, such as collaborating with wild clay, plants, waters and pigments, reflects her ongoing commitment to interspecies healing, bioregional literacy, reintegrating a reader with their environments and allowing this ongoing and developing practice to directly inform and reshape her poetics across projects and books. She is a professor at Wesleyan University and makes her home in Connecticut on the ancestral lands of the Hammonassets and Wappinger peoples, with her partner, the writer and artist, Renee Gladman. danielle-vogel.com