Francisca Brunet

Visual Arts

Born and raised In Santiago, Chile, Francisca has lived for short and long periods in Chile, Argentina, Spain and New Zealand, moving around as a natural way of searching for answers, experiences, explorations and meanings among other vital things in life. Her work has been exhibited in Chile, Argentina, México, UK, USA, Spain, Greece and Belgium.

Through her creative practice, she explores biomorphics in a mainly visceral way, connecting the intimacy of common life objects and scenes with an organic and expressive imaginary brought by the sensible experience of natural and urban environments. Her work intends to connect the experience and subjective knowledge of whats outside with her own life experience in terms of emotional baggage related to trauma, joy, fear, etc. She aims to express the tension pereceived over duality presenting opposites such as organic /geometric; translucent/opaque; light/darkness, interacting as a metaphor of tangible and intangible, what we know and what's beyond, underneath and behind the analyzable seeking to relate with others through senses in an utterly spontaneous way, rather than a conceptual way.

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