Nick Campbell

Fall 2022

Nick Bryon Campbell is a musician and sound artist working to design sonic experiences that expand the concept of how music can be created and enjoyed, particularly in relation to nature. Campbell uses organic and unique materials, occasionally along with mechanized and interactive elements, to create musically pleasing experiences that welcome listeners to be part of the music and disappear into it if they choose.

Based in Bend, Oregon, Campbell’s musical career has included sound art experiences presented at galleries and events across the country as well as music created for award winning films. As a member of various musical groups, he has toured the country with wonderful artists including Band of Horses, the Indigo Girls, Derek Trucks and others. His most recent sound art explorations have been centered around The Arbow, an instrument created from a living tree to produce music. Campbell’s most recent film score was nominated for the Roger Taylor Award at the Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema this year.