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About Grass Mountain

Information about Grass Mountain

In June 2017 Sitka acquired Grass Mountain, an 80-acre property within the Cascade Head Scenic Research Area. About a mile from the existing Sitka location, Grass Mountain will operate as a programmatically integrated second site. Over time Sitka will offer workshops, residencies, and new programming at this beautiful location.

Sitka wishes to thank the small group of incredibly generous donors who made this acquisition possible. We also wish to acknowledge the patience, generosity, and creative vision of Sitka's founders, Frank and Jane Boyden, and the gift of time and talent by many members of Sitka's board and community that shepherded this acquisition from vision into reality.

If you would like to participate in supporting Sitka's operation of Grass Mountain, please consider making a donation today! Click Here to Donate

Grass Mountain Donors

A Forest Path at Grass Mountain

Cornerstone - $250,000

Maribeth Collins

Foundation - $100,000

Frank and Jane Boyden

Dr. Kennon McKee

Jordan and Arlene Schnitzer

Yarg Foundation

Residence at Grass Mountain

Pillar - $5,000-$25,000

Tom and Ellen Abrego

Duncan and Melany Berry

Philip Darney and Uta Landy

Sarah Greene and Chris Kiilsgaard

Bill Hale and Judy Matthies, in memory of Clemens Laufenberg

Oneatta Fund of OCF

Lisa and David Platt

Judy Schwartz Sorrel

Nancy and Charles Tauman

Dan Twitchell

Kristin and Nicholas Walrod

Janet Webster

Merrill Weyerhaeuser and Pat Welly

Tim and Martha Wylder

Inside the Shop

Courtyard- up to $4,999


Heidi Beebe and Doug Skidmore

Lee Diane Collins

Laura Garnier

Tom Gory and Vivian Lucero

Bob Hazen and Joanne Mulcahy

Corinne and Wade Newbegin

The Parra Family

Ruth Spetter

George and Margot Voorhies Thompson

Christy and Laura Wyckoff