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Sitka News

2018 Sitka Art Invitational

This year we had record attendance at the exhibit! One of our key goals for the Invitational is to raise awareness in Portland for our Programs. The Sitka Art Invitational completes a full circle connection between the learning and art-making that happens at the Sitka Center during our Workshop and Residency Programs and the appreciation of finished artwork.

Here are some quantified results from this year's exhibit:
2,975 people attended – up 19% from 2017
33,877 people reached through social media
148 artists exhibited – 5 artists more than last year
126 pieces sold, which is 30% of exhibited artwork exhibited
424 pieces of artwork were in the show – 22 more than 2017
$77,165 in art sales – up 11% from last year
$37,941 paid to artists and galleries – up $2,860 from last year

Click to see images of the 2018 Sitka Art Invitational.

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