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FAQs for in-person workshops and COVID protocol

Sitka Vaccination Requirement FAQs

Is Sitka requiring on-campus workshop participants to be vaccinated for COVID-19?

Yes. Sitka will require workshop attendees, instructors, volunteers and employees who participate in our on-campus workshops to be fully vaccinated prior to arriving on campus and participating in a workshop. We will provide additional information on the COVID-19 vaccination requirement and implementation over the coming weeks informed by the latest national, state and regional guidelines.

When will the vaccination requirement be in effect?

The vaccination requirement will be in effect starting June 1, 2021.

How did Sitka reach this decision?

Sitka consulted with health and workplace safety experts and stakeholders including workshop support staff before reaching this decision. We also considered the decisions and approaches of larger Oregon educational institutions that are requiring vaccination as the best way to ensure safe and learning-friendly campus environments. Their decisions and ours are based on scientific data. The data show COVID‑19 vaccines are effective at preventing infection and prevent death or serious illness in almost all COVID‑19 infections. By requiring vaccines and continuing to practice other prevention measures, we can best provide the quality of instruction, group learning and joyful togetherness that are at the heart of the Sitka experience.

I am fully vaccinated for COVID-19.How do I share my vaccination status with Sitka?

State guidelines for Oregon businesses and organizations requiring vaccination are still being refined. If you are enrolled in a workshop, Sitka will reach out to you about how to submit proof of vaccination in the near future. One proactive step you can take now is to make a copy or take a photo of your proof of vaccination (CDC card, record from health care provider) and have it ready to share with Sitka and other businesses and venues requiring vaccination.

What if I already had COVID-19? WillI I still need to be fully vaccinated to participate in a workshop?

Yes. A history of infection is not a factor in CDC’s and OHS’s latest guidance for fully vaccinated people or venues requiring vaccination. Sitka is following CDC and OHA guidance.

Will I still need to wear a mask at Sitka if I have been fully vaccinated?

No. Based on the CDC’s most recent masking guidelines, and by requiring vaccination, our goal is to be able to offer mask-free workshop experiences this summer. This is subject to change in step with changes in national, state and regional guidance.

I’m fully vaccinated, but I still feel more comfortable wearing a mask and physically distancing. Will this be possible at Sitka?

Yes. For those more comfortable wearing masks and physically distancing we will provide physically distanced workspaces within our studios, create a considerate mask and distancing-optional culture and foster supportive workshop environments where individual needs for more personal space are respected.

I just don’t feel ready to participate in person. Will online workshop participation still be an option?

Yes. Many of Sitka’s workshops have an online participation option this summer.

Can I participate in a workshop on campus this summer without being fully vaccinated?

For those with a medical or non-medical exemption to the vaccine requirement, we can accommodate you with our online workshop options.

Will Sitka store individual vaccination information?

No. Based on the latest OHA guidelines, organizations requiring vaccination only need to verify proof of vaccination, not keep a verification record. Think of it like showing a ticket before entering a theater.

Will Sitka accept vaccines other than those approved in the U.S or  alternative medicines?

In addition to Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines, Sitka will accept any COVID-19 vaccine that has been approved by the World Health Organization (WHO)

What if I lose my vaccination card?

Tip: Take a photograph of your proof of vaccination card now in case you lose it. If you lose your vaccination card, contact the clinic or health care provider that administered your vaccination.

How can I share feedback or ask more questions about Sitka’s COVID-19 response plans and vaccination requirement?

Reach out to or call 541-994-5485. We are here to help!


Where can I find the latest information about COVID-19?

Oregon Heath Authority COVID-19 homepage

Oregon Safe + Strong COVID-19 resources homepage

Oregon Office of the Governor COVID-19 homepage

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention COVID-19 homepage

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