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Islands are Connected to Land

Adam Hill

Islands are Connected to Land was composed during a residency at the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology in the fall of 2017. The piece uses video collected from various locales within walking distance of Cascade Head; and, the audio is constructed from improvisations on the double bass. These improvisations were live sampled, using a computer patch written with Max/MSP, and the loops were organized into multi-layered textures. These sound textures were then recorded and sequenced to create the audio track. While much of the visual imagery references ocean, the piece is a reflection on the land that lies beneath the water we see. Rather than individual items surrounded by a different substance, islands are instead protrusions of a single piece of land, rising above sea level. Extending this idea, the piece asks us to focus on aspects that connect us to each other and our environments instead of the things that divide us and separate us from our surroundings.