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Artist at Sea Residency

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Artist at Sea Residency

The next Artist at Sea Residency is scheduled for July 3-12, 2018 on the Sally Ride research vessel departing from Newport Bay, Oregon on July 3. July 2 and July 13 will be reserved for loading and unloading the ship.
Application deadline:
Will be announced in later summer for the 2019 research trips

Residency Provides:

  • An opportunity to live on an oceanic research vessel for 10 days among a team of research scientists from OSU, UofO and PSU
  • Free room and board while on the ship with an additional (optional) 2 week stay at Sitka's Grass Mountain Property to creatively respond to the experience
  • $1000 artist stipend, $300 travel stipend, plus $100-$350 materials stipend depending on the creative medium
  • An opportunity to share or display the art created during this residency in a variety of channels including the HMSC Visitor Center, the Sitka Art Invitational and at a scaled traveling show with the intent of touring both Oregon’s metropolitan areas as well as underserved coastal communities


The Artist at Sea Residency provides the opportunity for a visual artist, writer or musician to spend 10 days on an oceanic research vessel interacting with a scientific team gathering data on the dynamics of mesozooplankton food webs at different depths and during different seasonal currents off of the Oregon and California coast. Oregon State University received grant funding from the National Science Foundation to complete 4 oceanic research trips in 2018-2019. Click here to view the research project abstract.

A visual artist, writer or musician will be invited to participate in each cruise, journal about their experience, and be inspired to create a product that gives a unique voice to the research team’s findings and processes. The goal of this collaboration is to enhance both the scientific process and broaden cultural understanding of science and this specific project.

It is not necessary that the artist’s current work directly relates to the study of plankton, but it is essential that the artist chosen is exploring environmental themes that highlight ocean ecology and the importance of understanding the benefits and health of this ecosystem. 

Artwork created in response to this residency experience will  be displayed or shared in a variety of channels including the Hatfield Marine Science Visitor Center, the Sitka Art Invitational and at a scaled traveling show with the intent of touring both Oregon’s metropolitan areas as well as underserved coastal communities.

The first of the four trips took place in February 2018 with artist Rebecca Welti spending 10 days on the research ship Sikuliaq observing and conversing with scientists from Oregon State, University of Oregon and Portland State University.


We are seeking applications from visual artists, writers and musicians to join the the next research trip in July. Applicants whose work directly explores themes of ocean ecology and has the potential to help inform, engage and impact a wide audience in current environmental issues will be prioritized.


Please apply using our online application process. The next deadline will be announced in late summer for the 2019 research trips.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us at 541.994.5485 or email.


  • Esteban Camacho Steffensen (OR), July 2018
  • Rebecca Welti (WA), Feb. 2018
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