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Past Residents


Baily Arend (NC) Visual Artist

Frances Blaker & Letitia Berlin (CA) Musicians

Daniella Dean (WA) Photographer

Kamala Dolphin-Kingsley (OR) Jordan Schnitzer Printmaking Residency

Peg Herring (OR) Visual Artist

Jim Hockenhull (OR) Musician

Allison Hutchcraft (NC) Writer

Deirdre Lockwood (WA) Writer

Kate MacDowell (OR) Visual Artist

Isaac Sachs (OR) Photographer


Dan Bottom (OR) Biologist

Ingrid Calame (CA) Jordan Schnitzer Printmaking Residency

Allison Cekala (MA) Filmmaker

Saskia Coolen (Netherlands) Musician

Kindra Crick (OR) Visual Artist

Baba Wagué Diakité (OR) Visual Artist

Adam Hill (Canada) Musician

Siobhan Humston (Canada) Visual Artist

June Jaeger (OR) Visual Artist

Heidi Jensen (UT) Jordan Schnitzer Printmaking Residency

David Kressler (OR) Photographer

Anne Haven McDonnell (NM) Writer

Kevin McLean (CA) Ecologist

Satoko Motouji (OR) Visual Artist

Josha Jay Nathan (OR) Writer

Lisa Sewell (PA) Writer

Bren Simmers (Canada) Writer

Cynthia Williams Gutierrez (OR) Writer

Alexis Williams (Canada) Visual Artist


Maddison Colvin (OR) Visual Artist

Sandra Dorr (CO) Writer

Nina Elder (NM) Visual Artist

Rebecca Forgac (MA) Visual Artist

Analee Fuentes (OR) Visual Artist

Gail Grinnell (WA) Jordan Schnitzer Printmaking Residency

Geetha Iyer (United Arab Emirates) Writer

Cynthia Lahti (OR) Visual Artist

Maxim Loskutoff (MT) Writer

Heather McMordie (PA) printmaker

Alison Melville (Canada) Recorder Resident

Eileen Olivieri (NM) Filmmaker

Marsha Slomowitz (WA) Visual Artist

Ray Troll (AK) Jordan Schnitzer Printmaking Residency

Rebecca Welti (WA) Visual Artist

Linda Wiener (NM) Entomologist


Ashley Bellouin (CA) Musician and Composer

Mariah Boyle (OR) Visual Artist

Chungho Cheng (Taiwan) Visual Artist

Ava Christl (Canada) Visual Artist

Ben Cosgrove (MA) Musician and Composer

Jerry Franklin (WA) Ecologist

Peter Dalmazzo (Australia) Ecologist

Angela Eastman (NC) Visual Artist

Rotem Gilbert (CA) Recorder Resident

Ellen George (OR) Jordan Schnitzer Printmaking Residency

Anna Glynn (Australia) Visual Artist

Hannah Hindley (CA) Writer

Deirdre McLoughlin (Netherlands) Visual Artist

Frank Montesonti (CA) Writer

Ryozo Morishita (Japan) Visual Artist

Nick Neely (CA) Writer

Emily Simons (PA) Jordan Schnitzer Printmaking Residency

Kim Stafford (OR) Writer

Akio Takamori (WA) Jordan Schnitzer Printmaking Residency


Heidi Beebe (OR) Architect

Doug Skidmore (OR) Architect

Will Bruno (OR) Visual Artist

Charles Coldwell (WA) Recorder Resident

James Crews (NB) Writer

Sierra Golden (WA) Writer

Alex Hirsch (OR) Visual Artist

Randall David Tipton (OR) Visual Artist

Scott Conary (OR) Visual Artist

Cynthia Camlin (WA) Visual Artist

Sabina Haque (OR) Jordan Schnitzer Printmaking Residency

Caitlin Maling (AUS) Writer

Justin Messina (NY) Composer

Roger Peet (OR) Visual Artist

Heidi Preuss Grew (OR) Visual Artist

Marie Watt (OR) Jordan Schnitzer Printmaking Residency


April Marie Hale (MT) Visual Artist

Nolan Stolz (NV) Composer

Lindsey Thordarson (CA) Writer

Ray Troll (AK) Visual Artist

Kirk Johnson (DC) Scientist

Ben Moorad (OR) Writer

Loren Schwerd (LA) Visual Artist

Phil & Gayle Neuman (OR) Recorder Residents

Louise Carslake (CA) Recorder Resident

Frances Blaker (CA) Recorder Resident

Christine Martell (OR) Visual Artist

Frances Feldon (CA) Recorder Resident

David Armstrong (NV) Writer

Mary Babcock (HI) Visual Artist

Minati Baro (India) Visual Artist

Tom Crawford (NM) Writer

Linda Hutchins (OR) Jordan Schnitzer Printmaking Residency

Jane Ingram Allen (CA) Visual Artist

Pamela Jordan (CT) Architect/Artist

Dana Lynn Louis (OR) Jordan Schnitzer Printmaking Residency

Andrea Stolowitz (OR) Writer


Jeffrey T. Baker (OR) Visual Artist

Lydia Conklin (MA) Writer

Kjerstin Johnson (OR) Writer

Aisling Svennungsen (CT) Visual Artist

Christy Wyckoff (OR) Visual Artist

Nikki Zielinski (OH) Writer

Ahimsa Timoteo Bodhrán (MI) Writer

Amanda Wagstaff (VA) Visual Artist

Carrie Larson (WA) Visual Artist

Judith Linsenberg (WA) Recorder Residents

Adrian Arleo (MT) Jordan Schnitzer Printmaking Residency

Deborah DeWit (OR) Jordan Schnitzer Printmaking Residency


Bren Simmers (BC) Writer

Ellen Waterston (OR) Writer

Phyllis Trowbridge (OR) Visual Artist

Frances Blaker and Letitia Berlin (CA) Recorder Residents

Josie Sigler (OR) Writer

Joanne Mulcahy (OR) Writer

Scott Sadil (OR) Writer

Shannon Berg (MT) Installation and Visual Artist

Tallmadge Doyle (OR) Visual Artist

Rita Robillard (OR) Visual Artist

Tracy Zeman (IL) Writer

William Park (OR) Visual Artist

Susan D'Amato (NY) Visual Artist

Charles Goodrich (OR) Writer

Diane Cook (NY) Writer

Dr. Kurt Fausch (CO) Scientist

Patricia Wheeler (ME) Visual Artist

Gala Bent (WA) Jordan Schnitzer Printmaking Residency

M.J. Anderson (OR & Italy) Jordan Schnitzer Printmaking Residency


Vicki Boeckman (WA) Recorder Resident

Amelia Boldaji (WA) Writer

Hali Felt (IA) Writer

Jeanne Gabriel (OR) Writer

Betty Hageman (WA) Visual Artist

Justin Hocking (OR) Writer

Nancy Linnon (OR) Writer

Nancy Olson (WA) Weaver

Stephanie Pollack (OR) Writer

Robert Michael Pyle (WA) Writer

Randall David Tipton (OR) Visual Artist

Ellen Waterston (OR) Writer

Bethany Kalk (MN) Visual Artist

Catherine Chauvin (CO) Visual Artist

Graham Smith-White (OR) Musician

James Bernard Frost (OR) Writer

Kelly Herbinson (MT) Writer

Lauren Davis (NV) Writer

Margaret Malone (OR) Writer

Robin Kimmerer (NY) Ecologist

Sid Miller (OR) Writer

Ryan Pierce (OR) Jordan Schnitzer Printmaking Residency

Heather Watkins (OR) Jordan Schnitzer Printmaking Residency


Richard Bergeman (OR) Visual Artist

Kathleen Crabill (NM) Visual and Installation Artist

Sayaka Taninokuchi (Japan) Visual Artist and Sculptor

Annette Bauer (CA) Recorder Resident

Sarah Harwell (OR) Writer

Erin Paroubek (NY) Visual Artist

Shannon Weber (OR) Sculptor

Lex Hedley (BC) Writer and Visual Artist

Catherine Bowen (MA) Jordan Schnitzer Printmaking Residency

Robert Ortbal (CA) Jordan Schnitzer Printmaking Residency


Carol Gigliotti (BC) Writer

Kim Griswell (PA) Writer

John & Robin Gumaelius (WA) Sculptor

Christopher Headley (Australia) Sculptor and Installation Artist

Judith Linsenberg (CA) Recorder Resident

Dawn Stetzel (IA) Ethnobotanist and Installation Artist

Louisa Conrad (VT) Visual and Installation Artist

Matthew Bower (AK) Visual Artist and Sculptor

Kim Stafford (OR) Writer

Mary Ann O'Donnell (China) Writer

Chris Nau (RI) Jordan Schnitzer Printmaking Residency

Clare Rojas (CA) Jordan Schnitzer Printmaking Residency


Lisa Blacher (RI) Sculptor

Melissa Braden (OR) Ceramic Sculptor

Ryan Burns (OR) Biodiscourse

Julia D'Amario (CA) Jordan Schnitzer Print Resident, 1997, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008

Glenn Goldberg (NY) Jordan Schnitzer Print Resident

Wuon Gean Ho (England) Visual Artist

Joanne Mulcahy (OR) Writer, 1996, 2007

Richard Notkin (MT) Jordan Schnitzer Print Resident

Sarah Rabkin (CA) Writer

Thomas J. Riesing (TN) Visual Artist

Inguna Skuja (OR) Sculptor

Verena Wusthoff (Germany) Recorder Resident


Letitia Berlin (CA) Recorder Resident, 2003, 2006

Frances Blaker (CA) Recorder Resident, 2003, 2006

Barbara Belloc (Argentina) Writer

Alexandra Chitty (IL) Biologist and Visual Artist

Julia D'Amario (CA) Jordan Schnitzer Print Resident, 1997, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008

Bob Erickson (WI) Visual Artist

Randall Koch (OR) Jordan Schnitzer Print Resident

Deedra Ludwig (WA) Visual Artist

Karen Piper (MO) Writer

Dorene Quinn (NY) Mixed Media Artist

Dina Rabadi (IN) Writer

Katia Santibanez (NY) Jordan Schnitzer Print Resident

Karen White (CO) Ceramic and Installation Artist


Pavel Banka (Czech Republic) Visual Artist, Founders Series, 1997, 2005

Vicki Boeckman (WA) Recorder Resident

Jason Brown and Lisa Scofield (TN) Installation Artist

Julia D'Amario (CA) Jordan Schnitzer Print Resident, 1997, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008

Todd Forsgren (OH) Visual Artist

Cecilia Hallinan (OR) Visual Artist

Alexandra Hirsh (OR) Visual Artist

James Jack (HI) Visual Artist

Larry Thomas (CA) Jordan Schnitzer Print Resident, 1991, 2005

Cathy Valentine (CA) Visual Artist

Jindra Vikova (Czech Republic) Sculptor, Founders Series, 1997, 2005

Patty Warashina (WA) Jordan Schnitzer Print Resident


Susan Allen (CA) Musician

Jeffrey Benjamin (NY) Sculptor

Steven Brown (MI) Visual Artist

Sarah Carter (OR) Writer

Roy DeForest (CA) Visual Artist

Jody Dunphy (OR) Visual Artist

Deborah Ford (AZ) Visual Artist

Ann Holley (CT) Sculptor and Visual Artist

Linda Johnson (OR) Visual Artist

Jenny Lind (NM) Jordan Schnitzer Print Resident

Warren Slesinger (SC) Writer

Scott Starbuck (CA) Writer

Andie Thrams (CA) Writer


Letitia Berlin (CA) Recorder Resident, 2003, 2006

Frances Blaker (CA) Recorder Resident, 2003,  2006

Leah Bray (MS) Biologist

Sandy Gellis (NY) Installation and Visual Artist

Patricia Klindienst (CT) Writer

Julio Gabriel Montejo (VA) Installation and Visual Artist

Don Reitz (AZ) Jordan Schnitzer Print Resident

Mark Ritchie (WY) Visual Artist

Kathleen Royster (CO) Sculptor


Marilyn Burkhardt (OR) Visual Artist

Lauren Mantecon (OR) Visual Artist

Myrna Massey (OR) Sculptor

Bradford Matsen (WA) Writer

Mary Rose O'Reilley (MN) Writer

Karl Pilato (NY) Jordan Schnitzer Print Resident

Margaret Rozga (WI) Writer

Catherine Schaper (OR) Visual Artist

Julie Singer (ID) Sculptor

Marie Watt (OR) Jordan Schnitzer Print Resident


Rebekah Bogard (NV) Sculptor

Krzysztof Czyzewski (Poland) Writer, Founders Series

Gene Gentry-McMahon (WA) Jordan Schnitzer Print Resident

Robert Johnson (NC) Visual Artist

Diane Kornberg (WA) Visual Artist

Toni Matlock-Taylor (MT) Installation Artist

Frank Sander (MN) Installation Artist

Vladimir Tsivin (Russia) Sculptor, Founders Series, 1992, 2001

Don & Pricilla Zobel (OR) Ecologist and Fiber Artist


Michael Belef (CO) Writer

Mark Hamilton (OR) Writer

Lynn Lu (PA) Installation Artist

Steven Orlando (NY) Visual Artist

Saba Qizilbash (Pakistan) Visual Artist

Martin Schnapf (IN) Visual Artist

Bjorn Sondergard (Denmark) Sculptor and Visual Artist, Founders Series


Diane Archer (OR) Sculptor

Valerie Britton (NJ) Visual Artist

Erica Fielder (CA) Sculptor

Jan Scilipoti (OR) Visual Artist


Shannon Applegate (OR) Writer

Charles Chu (CT) Calligraphist, Founders Series

Lari Gibbons (OH) Visual Artist

Andrea Henkels-Heidinger (OR) Sculptor

Terry Melton (OR) Visual Artist

Andrey Noda (Kazakhstan) Visual Artist, Founders Series


Pavel Banka (Czech Republic) Visual Artist, Founders Series, 1997, 2005

Elizabeth Beverly (OR) Visual Artist

Annie Callen (OR) Writer

Robin Cody (OR) Writer

Julia D'Amario (CA) Visual Artist, 1997, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008

Susan Harlan (OR) Visual Artist

Mary Hood (TX) Visual Artist

Basia Irland (NM) Visual Artist

Katherine Kuehn (OR) Visual Artist

Melissa Madenski (OR) Writer

Robert M. Pyle (WA) Writer

Floyd Skloot (OR) Writer

Kim Stafford (OR) Writer, 1997, 2008

Anne Staley (OR) Writer

Jindra Vikova (Czech Republic) Sculptor, Founders Series, 1997, 2005

Keiko Yamanouchi (OR) Installation Artist


Dawn Douglas (Australia) Sculptor

Michael Liddle (Australia) Sculptor

Mitchell Loch (CA) Writer

Joanne Mulcahy (OR) Writer, 1996, 2007

Landa Townsend (CA) Installation Artist

Ramona Youngquist (OR) Visual Artist


Ferida Durakovic (Bosnia-Herzegovina) Writer, Founders Series

Keith Howard (Canada) Visual Artist

Zhang Jie (CT) Writer

Debra Leow (CA)Visual Artist

Damian Manuhwa (Zimbabwe) Sculptor, Founders Series

Robert Tryon (NY) Visual Artist


Catherine Murray (TN) Sculptor

Kirk Tatom (NM) Sculptor, Founders Series


Christine Baeumba (NY) Visual Artist

Gail Jacobson (OR) Fiber Artst, 1989, 1993

Rhoda London (CA) Visual Artist

Joan Perlman (CA) Visual Artist


Dr. Marilyn Barrett (OR) Visual Artist

Keith Brockie (Scotland) Visual Artist

Dr. Weishu Hsu (China) Ecologist, Founders Series

Dr. Phillip Johnson (OR) Ecologist and Writer

Vladimir Tsivin (Russia) Sculptor, Founders Series, 1992, 2001


Marianna Crawford (OR) Sculptor

Mark Derby (LA) Sculptor

Amy Ragus (MA) Photographer

Larry Thomas (CA) Visual Artist, 1991, 2005


David Griggs (CO) Sculptor

Kirk McCarthy (PA) Sculptor

Marlana Stoddard-Hayes (OR) Visual Artist


Gail Jacobson (OR) Fiber Artist, 1989, 1993

David J. Wagner, Ph.D (WI) Writer


Barbara Cooper (IL) Sculptor


Adrian Arleo (MT) Sculptor

Laurie Kovack (OR) Fiber Artist, 1981, 1987

Colleen McLean (OR) Visual Artist


Bruce & Pat Johnson (CA) Visual Artist


Deborah DeWit Marchant (OR) Visual Artist

Laurie Kovack (OR) Fiber Artist, 1981, 1987

Susan Arbothnot, (OR) Visual Artist 1981-82

Past Residents :

David Abel (OR) Writer

Terrence Davies (OR) Sculptor

Addison Doty, Sculptor

Tina Dworakowski (OR) Sculptor

Barbara Eisworth, (OR) Visual Artist

Bob Gardiner (CA) Visual Artist

Judith Beth Greene, Writer

Founders Series

Vladimir Tsivin Sculptor

Dr. Weishu Hsu, Ecologist

Damian Manuhwa, Sculptor

Kirk Tatom, Sculptor

Andrey Noda, Visual Artist

Bjørn Søndergård, Sculptor and Visual Artist

Krzysztof Czyzewski, Writer

Ferida Durakovic, Writer

Jindra Vikova, Sculptor

Pavel Banka, Visual Artist

Charles Chu, Calligraphist