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Nikesha Breeze

Working from a Global African Diasporic, Afro-Centric and Afro-Futurist perspective, Nikesha Breeze’s interdisciplinary work reimagines the possibility of healing inter-generational traumatic inheritance through the intersection of art and ritual. Black, Brown, Indigenous, Queer and Earth bodies, material and immaterial, are seen as undeniably sacred and inviolable. Nikesha’s work centers Black bodies, simultaneously existing within realms of past, present, and future. Nikesha uses performance art, film, painting, textiles, sculpture, and site-specific engagement to build a counter-narrative of an Otherwise, where black bodies and ideas are seen as existing in hypervalue, a realm of indivisibility between black artistic aesthetic, black time, and ritual healing. Black pasts become re-informed by Black futures, and the resulting present is experienced as a living altar and artifact. Nikesha’s methodologies call upon ancestral memory and archival resurrection to bring to the fore, faces, bodies, stories, and spirits that have been systematically erased from the master narrative. Thier performance art and film work reimagines relationships with the body, the invisible world, and the social space.

Originally from Portland, Oregon Nikesha Breeze lives and works in the high desert of New Mexico, she is an American born African Diaspora descendant of the Mende People of Sierra Leone, and Assyrian American Immigrants from Iran.

Nikesha Breeze has shown work both nationally and internationally, within multiple Museums, galleries, art fairs and in featured collections. Nikesha’s most recent 5000 sg ft Solo exhibition FOUR SITES OF RETURN, has garnered national acclaim and has been featured in American Art Collector, Hyperallergic, Metalsmith Magazine and the NY times and will be touring to more Institutions and Museum spaces in 2022. Nikesha has been awarded National recognition at the 2018 International ARTPRIZE exhibition, winning the juried 3D Grand Prize as well as the Contemporary Black Arts Award, for her Sculptural installation: 108 Death Masks: A communal Prayer for Peace and Justice. In 2019 Nikesha was invited to Ghana to work as a visiting artist on the historical Nymkimkym Installation of African History, created by international award winning artist Kwame Acoto Bamfo.

Dubois Negro Woman #3
Dubois Negro Woman #3
Death Masks Installation View
Red White Black and Blue