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Drawing as Mindful Practice

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All Levels Welcome
July 29, 2021
July 31, 2021
10:00 - 4:00

Workshop Overview

Drawing is a path for cultivating mindfulness. The process of drawing – putting drawing tool to paper – is a connected action of seeing, feeling and thinking. It helps us practice staying present. This course introduces a set of exercises and methods that cultivate mindfulness supportive of any creative, professional or personal endeavor. With foundations in contemporary drawing theory, these exercises focus on the physical process of drawing, instead of a finished visual product. Students will come away with a set of exercises easily replicated in indoor and outdoor settings! All are welcome, from any background, with any level of experience.

About the Instructor(s)

Anne C Godfrey teaches drawing and photography practices inspired by diverse landscapes. Godfrey is an award-winning educator, having taught over one thousand students (and counting) in contemporary drawing, photography and design courses at SUNY-ESF, UO, Lane Community College, UNM and numerous invited workshops. She is currently completing book two in a three-book series with Routledge Press titled Active Landscape Photography. As a professor of landscape architecture Godfrey hybridizes her writing and art making with environmental design.

Materials List: Students Bring

• Sketchbook -a size that is easy to carry in the field (8x10 or smaller) -- Paper must be able to receive at least a small amount of wet media

• 2-3 Graphite pencils (soft between HB-B6) such as Derwent or Staedtler

• 2-3 Black drawing pens (at least one fine and one bold) such as Faber Pitt pens

• 1 large dry media tool such as charcoal/ graphite stick, etc.

• India ink – regular size is fine

• Sumi Brush – larger rather than smaller (does not need to be expensive or fancy)

• Bamboo Reed drawing tool medium or large size (does not need to be expensive or fancy)

• STABILO ALL black water-soluble pencil (** the only very specific tool on this list)

• Water Brush pen – this is a pen that holds water and has a brush tip. NOT a brush marker. (does not need to be expensive or fancy)

• Palette – small plastic pallet or the lid and bowl of a plastic food container are fine (cream cheese, yogurt, etc.)

• Clean unused sponge

• Small collection (~10) of colored pencils - your favorite colors – any brand is fine (even using kids colored pencils is fine – they do not need to be expensive and 5 colors are fine). (Pencils can be water soluble if you have them)

• Scissors

• Glue stick (Uhu is best)

• Pencil sharpener

• Headphones and a way to play your own music through them (i.e. your phone)

• A way to take your small set of tools into the field (i.e. small cloth pencil case)

• Please Dress to be outside in the weather for periods of time

• New to these supplies?? All of them can be found at your locally owned art store (and they will help you!) or online at Dick Blick. I do not recommend getting supplies from Amazon, as the quality can be very inconsistent, as most supplies are through third parties.


• Some non-black drawing pens (sepia, grey, olive etc.)

• Art markers -- any brand that is not smelly

• Something that makes a white mark

• Anything else you like to work with

• A foldable carriable outdoor stool or chair

• For In-Person Participants, demonstrations will be done in class so they will want to have their laptop, ipad, or phone available to follow.

Materials List: Provided by Instructor(s)

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