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Master Class: An Exploration in Pastel

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Minimum age:
Skill level:
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Start date:
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August 2, 2021
August 5, 2021
10:00 - 4:00

Workshop Overview

This workshop is about the non-objective process; when you paint, nothing comes up at all. You’re an empty vessel, working with what comes. This is a class for those looking for more depth and challenge in their pastel practice. Students are encouraged to explore the 'what if's' and push their established comfort zones to a higher level with the goal of creating exciting new work. Raw color, surprising techniques and materials, exciting mark making, information gathering and a different way of thinking will all be set into practice. A focus will be toward creating a more painterly and intuitive approach to your work.

About the Instructor(s)

Professional artist Sondra Holtzman’s artwork reflects musings of travel, afar and close to home. She leads painting explorations all over the world, including Europe, South America and the South Pacific.

After attending Rhode Island School of Design, Sondra worked as a freelance designer, creating artwork for clients like Nike and Delta Air Lines. Her work has been published in 1000 Artist Journal Pages and Signatures: The Art Journal Collection by Somerset Studio.

For Sondra, the true joy of being an artist also lies in the sharing of her passion with others, helping them to discover their own artistic voice

Materials List: Students Bring

Participants Bring:

• A good selection of soft and hard pastels; artist-quality are best and are recommended

• Two Pastelboards by Ampersand: 9"x12" or 8"x10" are recommended

• Images you love that will be the subjects for the final two paintings: iPads, photos, etc. (Images can be landscapes, animals, or still lifes - the larger the better)

• 18x24" board for taping artwork to

• Easel: French is recommended or a standing easel that is sturdy

• Blue painters tape/Black tape

• Newsprint pad (18x24 is a good size)

• A selection of heavier paper: BIGGIE Drawing Pad (highly recommended), BFK Rives, Sanded paper

• Sturdy watercolor paper - at least 6 sheets of a variety of heavier papers

• Vine and compressed charcoal

• Black and white pastel

• Kneaded eraser (2 would be ideal)

• Soft paper towels

• Portfolio for carrying work (optional)

• Black Sumi Ink

• 2 empty and clean tuna fish tins for Sumi ink

• 2 jars or cups for water

• An object (or image) that will be the subject for a still life

• White gesso

• Small spray bottle for water

• Baby wipes

• Brushes: a selection of different brushes for a range of marks

• 2 or 3 sponge brushes: I recommend 1" or 2" size

• Small bottle of rubbing alcohol

• Bookbinding awl (optional) or a large, sharp needle

• Calligraphy pen; no sharp points - a bamboo pen recommended

• Bottle of brown ink (I love Walnut Ink)

• Notebook/pen

• Barrier cream (optional)

• Old credit card or objects for creating texture

• A few old rags

• Protective clothing you don't mind getting ‘painterly’

• The Homework you did before the class (Note: upon registration for the class, the instructor will email the homework to Participants to complete before the class begins)

• Demonstrations will be done in class so participants should have their laptop, ipad, or phone available to follow along.

Online Participants Bring:

• Same list as above

*Participants who are online will be receiving the handout as a PDF document

Materials List: Provided by Instructor(s)

• A small selection of brushes

• A small selection of charcoal mediums

• Extra soft pastels

• Graphite tools (graphite in the form of squares, broader tip pencils and watersoluable graphite)

• Extra images for people to use

• Extra texture tools

• Pastel paper samples

• Extra erasers

• Extra inks

• Objects for still life

• Handout

• CD’s of nature and whale sounds

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