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Collage Your Pet

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July 2, 2021
July 2, 2021
10:00 - 4:00

Workshop Overview

Learn how to use paper as paint to create a charming portrait of your pet. Use recycled magazine pages plus other ephemera to make a rendition of your favorite dog, cat or other pet that will be charming and fun to make. No drawing skill needed. Each student leaves with a frame-ready work of art.

About the Instructor(s)

Susan Schenk has been teaching a new form of collage for 10 years, helping students who want to paint with paper to create frame ready-works without extensive drawing skills or expensive supplies. Focusing on shapes, she guides students to create representational works using paper as a form of mosaic.

Materials List: Students Bring

In-Person Participant Bring:

• An 8x10 image of a pet


• Scrap papers, magazines, 12x12 scrapbook sheets, old maps, etc.

• Favorite scissors

• Sharpie

Online Participants Bring:

• An 8x10 image of a pet

• Scrap papers, magazines, 12x12 scrapbook sheets, old maps, etc.

• Scissors

• Paste and an old plastic credit card as a spreader, or Mat Medium and a cheap brush. (You can also use plain old school glue that dries clear)

• A clear plastic document protector or very transparent tracing or deli paper

• Sharpie

• Pencil with a sharp point

• Cloth rag and some water to clean up with

• An image to reproduce, at least 8x10. The demo uses a cat image from a calendar and creates a piece suitable for an 11x14 mat and frame

• Blue painters tape

• A substrate: heavier paper that is around 11x14 (plain or patterned like wall paper) or scrapbook 12x12 sheets

• An old standard picture frame mat for placement ideas (I like 11x14 since it’s a standard frame size)

• Surface to glue on (i.e. old telephone books, old catalogs, larger magazines, newspaper, etc.)

Optional: (these aren’t necessary but you may find them helpful)

• Q-tip and alcohol to clean up Sharpie goofs

• Cutting mat and Exacto knife

• Water soluble crayons or pencils

• Fine pointed pens for details when things are dry

• Deli paper and a brayer to smooth out bubbles

• Tissue paper-like gift wrap

• Stabilo water soluble pencil, black

• Uniball Signo gel pen – white which can write on anything (gold and silver are fun as well)

Materials List: Provided by Instructor(s)

• Scissors

• Glue

• Markers

• Pens and pencils

• Tools and cleanup supplies

• Images

• Samples

• Template and substrate materials

• Papers and magazines

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