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Nature Journaling:For Joy, Not Mastery

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August 6, 2021
August 8, 2021
10:00 - 4:00

Workshop Overview

We will begin by making a single signature sewn watercolor journal and then fill it with a combination of drawing, watercolor and writing. We will practice relaxation, awareness and enjoyment as we savor the beauty around us. You will learn simple, useful drawing and watercolor skills that will help you see in a new way. We'll work on page design, include natureprints, stamps, collage and more. Class is outside and in studio, includes some walking. You will receive lots of support and encouragement. No art experience is required, just enthusiasm.

About the Instructor(s)

With a background in education and natural science, Jude has been teaching about nature and art to adults and children for over 45 years. She currently teaches Nature Journaling at Multnomah Art Center, Portland Audubon and her Portland studio. Her book is "A Pacific Northwest Nature Sketchbook" ( Timber Press 2006).

Materials List: Students Bring

• 1 full sheet 22"x30" 140# coldpress watercolor paper (Arches, Fabriano, Winsor Newton and Lanaquarelle are good brands) We will tear/cut this down in class to make our journals

• String, yarn, ribbon, or waxed linen thread to sew the journal (1.5 yd) and a needle that works with your choice,(check the needle eye to see if it is big enough for your sewing material)

• Watercolor paints: bring what you have or see below for suggestions

o Travel size watercolor paint box that closes, with professional quality paints and basic colors *IF you need to purchase one, I highly recommend ordering a paint box from me: 10 beautiful colors of professional quality watercolors in a small travel palette, $65 (+shipping if I mail it - please order at least 4 weeks before class) This is an excellent deal if you want high quality pigments, already set up for you.

o Other options: Daniel Smith sells small tubes in sets of basic colors. Choose one, and an empty small travel palette. I will help you set it up.


• A sketchbook for notes and some warmup exercises

• Plastic bag to carry paint box in when outside

• Watercolor brushes:  at least one #8-10 round and a small flat . I recommend Escoda versatil #10 rigger for a round with great point and action.

• Permanent waterproof black pen (PITT medium point, Uniball Vision elite (light gray with black dot on top) or other brands

• 3 small yogurt style cups for water

• Terry cloth rag

• Tissues

• Scissors

• Woodless pencil #6B (pure graphite) or soft mechanical pencil

• Kneaded eraser

• A bag or pack that is easily portable and holds all of the supplies

• Stool or portable chair for working outside

• Water bottle

• Glue stick

• Ruler

• Dress for outdoor weather: hat, sun protection and rain gear

Optional materials to use in your journal:

• Stamps

• Stickers

• Colored pens and inks

• Images you may want to collage

NOTE: Most supplies are available at Merri Artist, Artist and Craftsman, Blick and Cheap Joe's (inquire about Participant discounts)

Materials List: Provided by Instructor(s)

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