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Embarking on a Journey in Oil & Cold Wax

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Minimum age:
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16 plus
All Levels Welcome
October 4, 2021
October 7, 2021
10:00 - 4:00

Workshop Overview

Luminous layers of oil paint blended with cold wax medium make this technique magical, deep and rich. From realism to abstraction, the medium will enhance any painting style. Several paintings will be finished in class and more started. Each artist will receive a complete instruction manual for future reference. We will learn tools & techniques for adding all kinds of texture, using mark making tools, reduction methods, painting with brayer, palette knife and squeegee. We will study composition and the elements and principals of art. You will fall in love with the medium and everything it can do for your art.

About the Instructor(s)

Lynne Wintermute has a BFA from Linfield University and graduate studies at Pacific Northwest College of Arts. She shows her work throughout the Northwest in invitational shows and is represented by Dragonfire Gallery in Cannon Beach and Currents Gallery in McMinnville Lynne teaches workshops in Oregon and Washington as well as her Neskowin Studio. Lynne has taught at Sitka for several years in her preferred medium of Oil & Cold Wax. Her teaching philosophy is to learn by process, to work in a collaborative atmosphere and, above all, to have fun and enjoy the other artists in the workshop.

Materials List: Students Bring

Online and In-Person Participants Bring:

• Gamblin (preferred) or Dorland Cold Wax Medium 16oz.

• Gamblin Galkyd Medium or Gel

• Gamsol

• Gesso

• A variety of inexpensive acrylic paints for underpainting.

• Cradled boards or canvas, Arches oil paper, any size. At least 6 substrates

• Catalyst Wedge W-06 or Squeegee

• Oil Paint (assorted colors you like)

• Palette knives

• Palette Paper

• Paper towels - no pattern (blue shop towels are best)

• Soft Brayer

• 1 inch painters tape

• Baby oil for cleaning

• Textures of any kind, bubble wrap, shelf paper, tissue, stamps, stencils, collage materials

• Mark making tools, charcoal, graphite


• Art crayons, pigment sticks

• Rubber gloves

• Maribu pens

• Oil bars

• Pan and chalk pastel

• Steel wool

Materials List: Provided by Instructor(s)

• Samples from Gamblin of Galkyd and Gamsol for each Participant

• Some Oil Paints

• Variety of texture materials to share

• Tape

• Steel Wool for finishing paintings

• Marble dust, Venetian plaster, sand

• Maribu pens

• Oil bars

• Pan and chalk pastel

• Other mark making tools

• Variety of acrylic paints for under painting

• Colored and clear gesso

• Examples of paintings by a variety of oil & cold wax artists

• Each Participant receives a Notebook of instructions, history, paint properties and much more. (Online Participants will receive the Notebook via email.)

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