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Abstract Investigations: Line, Mark and Form in Contemporary Painting

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October 3, 2022
October 5, 2022
10:00 - 4:00

Workshop Overview

This three-day workshop is designed specifically for abstract painters to help clarify visual language and bring intentionality to their painting practice. We will make a deep inquiry into what inspires our art through examining contemporary abstract art, informal writing exercises and instructor demos. We’ll traverse the full range of the spectrum from spontaneity to deliberate action and learn to travel back and forth between these polarities. Guided exercises emphasize alternative techniques for paint application, layering line and form, color mixing and composition. We will be asking ourselves, 'what direction do I want to go in my art?' (and attempt to answer).

This is an intermediate level class. All are welcome, however, prior experience with abstraction is recommended.

Per the Instructors request masks will be required in this workshop

About the Instructor(s)

Born in Chicago in 1961, Cohen was strongly affected by the classic graphic influences of a mid-century urban environment. Everyday exposure to modern architecture, graphic design, photography, painting and sculpture permanently imprinted her mind.

Zoe’s abstract painting springs from her lifelong fascination with mid-century art and design, Abstract Expressionism, The New York School painters and the historic influences which shifted the locus of the international art scene from Nazi occupied Europe to New York following WWII.

Teaching has become an integral part of her art practice.

Materials List: Students Bring

• 2 sheets Stonehenge printmaking paper (or other heavy paper) cut to 10"x10" pieces

• 4 - 6 favorite substrates (paper, canvas, panel, etc.) up to 20"x20"

• printmaking brayer (4 inch  - rubber)

• 6 - 10 + tubes of opaque acrylic paint (including black & white) - NOT FLUID ACRYLICS

• At least 6 brushes in a variety of sizes (1 should be at least 1" wide)

• Drawing tools (ie: paint markers, neo-color crayons, graphite, charcoal, etc.)

• Palette knife

• Palette paper

• Gel medium

• Journal, pens and pencils

• Water container

• Scissors

• Blue painter’s tape or masking tape


• Collage materials

• Spray bottle

• Gloves

• Alternative paint application tools (ie: putty knives, scrapers, credit cards, etc.)

• Newsprint pad

• Shop towels or paper towel

• FW INK or Le Sennelier ink

• Transparent paints

• Any of your favorite / regular supplies you might miss if left at home!

Materials List: Provided by Instructor(s)

• Newsprint pads

• Alcohol wipes

• FW Ink

• Shop towels

• Nitrile gloves

• Transparent paints

• Alternate paint application tools

• Collage paper

• Stencils

• Nitrile gloves

• Transparent paints

• Alternate paint application tools

• Collage paper

• Stencils

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