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Embodiment of Nature

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September 7, 2022
September 10, 2022
10:00 - 4:00

Workshop Overview

Join Kelly Williams to explore your individual symbology alongside the technical considerations of working with multiple media and encaustic paint. This workshop combines a narrative portrait approach, using nature-inspired symbology and mixed media techniques, touching on encaustic, collage, image transfer, drawing, pan pastels, R&F oil sticks and much more.

Through exploration of the rich environment surrounding Sitka, participants will identify and integrate found ecological symbols for use in a psychological self-portrait.

This workshop will be a great opportunity to explore personal symbology and experiment with interactions between different mediums in a supportive and fun environment. You will come away with new concepts, visual language and technical skills to add to your art toolbox.

About the Instructor(s)

With an organic and individualized approach to teaching, Kelly’s years of experience in multiple media allow her to offer a wide range of techniques and materials. She encourages risk taking and experimentation and guides students to dive deeper, incorporating intentional content, concepts and conversation into their art.

Materials List: Students Bring

• Images of yourself or other body/figure imagery. Don’t panic: I will send detailed instructions before workshop)

• Personal collage materials and ephemera (nothing glossy or with a coating) such as: maps, music, book pages, letters to be used as a base (list is endless)

• Journal/pen for writing and sketching

• Pan Pastels: choose a selection of a few favorite colors you resonate with, plus a black and metallic

• Application sponges

• Small spray bottle

• Roll of paper towels

• Black Stabilo water soluble pencil  

• Art tape (usually blue)

• Exacto knife / small scissors

• An old spoon or burnishing tool

• Multiple cradled wood panels or Ampersand encaustic boards to work on (I suggest several and anything between 10x10 to 16x20) Note: go as large as 18x24 ONLY if you are experienced with encaustic


• Torch used for encaustic painting (iwatani torch or propane if comfortable using) and or embossing heat gun

• Small tacking iron (will be used with encaustic)

• Hot Palette or simple pancake grill

• Any specialty encaustic paints, tools or brushes you like to use

• Stencils or Stamps you like

• Favorite drawing materials

• Caran d'ache neocolor 2 (water soluble) crayons

• Lyra graphite

• Stabilo pencils (multiple colors for direct drawing)

• Small detail brushes to use with ink or watercolor

• Other random collage materials you feel inspired to bring

• Decorative tissues

• Japanese papers

• Dried flowers/leaves

• Photo capable phone with basic editing capabilities (I can explain this if you are unfamiliar)

Materials List: Provided by Instructor(s)

• Books to reference for symbology and inspiration

• Encaustic Paint and medium

• Tools

• Brushes

• Torches, irons, tools and palettes to share

• R&F Pigment sticks to sample

• Drawing materials

• Collage Ephemera

• Tissue and Japanese papers

• Carbon paper

• Wax paper

• Stencils

• Pan pastels

• Tracing paper

• Pan Pastel samples for you to try

• My sparkling personality

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