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Natural Encounters

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All Levels Welcome
July 25, 2023
July 26, 2023
10:00 - 4:00
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Workshop Overview

Discover ways to ‘see’ into the natural world through sketches, observation, memory and word. We will begin by making a simple but elegant hand-crafted journal that will serve as a touchstone or safe place to explore what we experience when working with natural objects. Each day, we will venture outside, sustainably gathering a small collection of specimens. Unique and personal renderings will be achieved by employing various sketching and painting techniques to capture the essence of the objects we have in our own individual collections. Verbiage can be added as desired.

About the Instructor(s)

Professional artist Sondra Holtzman’s artwork reflects musings of travel, afar and close to home. She leads painting explorations all over the world, including Europe, South America and the South Pacific.

After attending Rhode Island School of Design, Sondra worked as a freelance designer, creating artwork for clients like Nike and Delta Air Lines. Her work has been published in 1000 Artist Journal Pages and Signatures: The Art Journal Collection by Somerset Studio.

For Sondra, the true joy of being an artist also lies in the sharing of her passion with others, helping them to discover their own artistic voice.

Materials List: Students Bring

Any natural objects you love, as well as a small container/basket for collecting others

A small watercolor sketchbook or notebook

Scotch tape

A small set (no more than 12 colors) of artist-grade watercolors in the colors of your choice. We will be using a LIMITED PALETTE of no more than six colors in this class, which should be included in your palette.

My favorite limited color choices are: Indigo, Raw Umber, Quinacridone Gold, Quinacridone Deep Gold, Lunar Black and Lunar Violet.

Note: If you are uncomfortable using a limited palette, please feel free to expand your color choices.

Note: The ink you choose for your fountain pen and the black ink from the ball point pen can count as two "bonus" colors

Small round watercolor brush with a sharp point:

I recommend the Dynasty Black Gold Short Handle Brush - Quill, Size 3/0 (Order #06456-1030) $10.50 at Dick Blick or 2/0 (Order #06456-1020) $13.55 at Dick Blick

Otherwise, a #6 synthetic watercolor round brush will work just fine.

Fountain pen with a PISTON FILLER that has a FINE or EXTRA FINE nib:

I highly recommend the following from The Goulet Pen Company (

Fountain Pen: TWSBI ECO with a fine or extra fine nib (available in 9 colors!)

Ink: They carry an amazing range of beautiful inks worthy of close investigation!

Other options for fountain pens are:

Pilot disposable fountain pen or one of your choice.

Container for water

Small piece of terrycloth rag for blotting your brush

Two 1" binder clips to hold journal pages flat while painting

A small grinder of sea salt (not regular table salt)

Small 6" ruler. I recommend the rulers that have a cork back that don’t slip on the paper as you are using them.

Mechanical pencil

Small kneaded eraser

Small bottle of Elmer’s glue

Pair of scissors

Xacto knife

Micron pen in any color you choose

Ball point pen. I like the Pilot G-2, 0.38

Any poems or inspirations words/phrases you like (optional)

Optional: Hat, sunscreen, outdoor chair

Materials List: Provided by Instructor(s)

Bookbinding supplies for nature journal: awls, needles, twine

My box of vintage postage stamps for students to use as an option

My set up for Natural Encounters: artist roll, etc.

A small collection of natural objects

Sample journals: also sample journals that are bound with (1) material, (2) linen tape and (3) painted binding


Typewriter and typing paper, including brown paper

Lots of Scotch tape

Extra sea salt in grinders

Extra scalpel/ruler

Extra brushes and ball point pens

A few large sheets of Biggie paper for a collaborative piece for students

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