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Foraged Inks

Minimum age:
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All Levels Welcome
June 28, 2023
June 29, 2023
10:00 - 4:00
Participate: In-Person Online
In-Person Available Only
Online Available Only
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Workshop Overview

This workshop will begin with foraging for suitable materials on Cascade Head to be made into inks, identifying and learning what to look for. We will bring our materials back to the studio and start processing our foraged goods. We will learn different methods of ink making and leave some to soak overnight. The following day we will finish our inks and experiment with modifiers as we chart our colors and play with the many possibilities. Molly will lead participants through her painting process of building layers with the "living" inks to create a beautiful set of cards and small paintings to take home.

About the Instructor(s)

Molly Holmlund is an artist and educator living in the Columbia River Gorge. She gathers plants, mushrooms, and minerals form the diverse landscape around her to make into inks. She feels painting with these inks gives a unique connection and insight into nature and loves to share this through teaching. She teaches the art if ink making and painting through organizations as well as privately.

Materials List: Students Bring

• Gathering basket or canvas type bag

Materials List: Provided by Instructor(s)

• Watercolor paper

• Brushes

• Ink making supplies

• Ink modifiers

• Droppers

• Bottles

• Water containers

• Buckets

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