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Beginning Landscapes and Seascapes in Oil

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Beginning Landscapes and Seascapes in Oil
Katia Kyte
Date and Time:
10:00am - 4:00pm
$240 plus $25 Materials Fee
Total Cost:
Minimum Age Level:
Skill Level:
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February 26, 2019
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March 12, 2019

Workshop registration opens for members on February 27.

Workshop Overview

Students will be encouraged to paint a number of different landscapes/seascapes creatively using photographs from around the Oregon Coast. Learn to use fundamentals of design by cropping images and simplifying objects. Katia will guide students through basic palette color choices and how to mix colors using simple color theory. She will offer individual instruction to each student, covering the fundamentals of painting (composition, values, color), as well as advice on handling the medium (brushstrokes, edges). Students will learn the essentials of oil painting and become comfortable with solvents, oil mediums, brushes and oil paints.

About the Instructor(s)

Katia is a Russian born, award-winning oil painter. She has lived on the Oregon Coast since 2008. She paints mostly from life, plein air or in her studio in Lincoln City. She exhibits at Rowboat Gallery and Volta Gallery. In addition to her painting and teaching, she is busy raising a child.

Materials List: Students Bring


• Please feel free to bring whatever colors of paint you prefer. The following is a list of basic color palette I


-Titanium White

-Cadmium Yellow Light

-Cadmium Yellow Medium

-Cadmium Red Light

-Alizarin Crimson

-Ultramarine Blue

-Phthalo Blue


-Yellow Ochre

-Burnt Sienna

• Brushes- any high-quality brush will do. I recommend Robert Simmons Signet or Aspen by Princeton

series 6500 flats or brights, sizes 2-8.

• Palette Knife

• Palette- bring whatever palette suits you. Make sure you'll have enough mixing space

• Canvas or boards sizes 8"x10" or larger depending on how large you want to work

• Odorless paint thinner (I use Gamsol by Gamblin)

• Paper towels or rags

Materials List: Provided by Instructor(s)


• Solvent-Free Gel

• Colors to share

• Photographs

• Gamsol

• Viewfinder

• Sketchbook

• Black marker

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