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Metalsmithing Art and Alchemy

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Metalsmithing Art and Alchemy
Debra Carus
Date and Time:
10:00am - 4:00pm
$355 plus $75 Materials Fee
Total Cost:
Minimum Age Level:
Skill Level:
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February 26, 2019
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March 12, 2019

Workshop registration opens for members on February 27.

Workshop Overview

Explore the creation of metal jewelry and small scale containers or treasure boxes by transforming sheets of copper, silver and brass. Learn and use techniques of sawing/piercing, etching surface patterns, hammering, soldering, riveting and three dimensional shaping. Learn to set a variety of stones, including cabochons and faceted gems.

About the Instructor(s)

Debra Carus is a metalsmith and jeweler in Clackamas, Oregon. Her passion is for creating storied art jewelry that reflects her love of nature and her Norwegian roots. Debra is a full time studio artist and metals instructor. She is also a Senior Instructor for Art Clay World, certifying metal clay instructors and enthusiasts in the Pacific Northwest.

Materials List: Students Bring


• Set of small metal files (NOT diamond files)

• Work apron (or plan to purchase one at Sitka)

• Eye magnification (reading glasses, Optivisor or magnification to see up close)

• Set of jewelry gauge pliers, including: round nose, chain nose and flat nose

• Wire cutters

• Sketch book and pencil

• Utility hammer with one flat face/one ballpeen face

• Small containers to store work in progress

Materials List: Provided by Instructor(s)


• Metals, including: copper, sterling silver, brass and wire

• Cabochons and faceted stones (some for purchase as well), bezel material and tubing

• Jeweler's saw, saw blades and lubricants

• Bench pin and steel blocks

• Soldering torches, flux and solder, pickle pot and chemicals

• Patina solutions

• Various files and hammers

• Flexible shaft machines, mandrels and attachments for drilling, shaping and polishing

• Sandpaper and specialized files, drill bits and burs

• Metal shaping and forming tools

• Templates, wire gauges, calipers, and measuring tools

• Instruction sheets for various techniques and project directions

• Etching chemicals and tools for silver, copper and brass

• Jewelry and metals books for inspiration and ideas

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