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Painting for Pleasure: Seriously

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Painting for Pleasure: Seriously
William Park
Date and Time:
10:00am - 4:00pm
$420 plus $15 Materials Fee
Total Cost:
Minimum Age Level:
Skill Level:
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February 27, 2018
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March 13, 2018

Workshop registration opens for members on February 27.

Workshop Overview

This workshop invites an open enthusiastic approach to painting. We’ll have many demonstrations and exercises designed to help each artist experience the joy of discovery through the pleasure of painting. We will use a variety of methods to apply and manipulate paint, creating many forms of contrast to achieve depth and energy. Each artist will work on at least two larger panels, taking advantage of the versatility of acrylic paints. The smaller pieces can encourage experimentation and give opportunities to try many ideas.

About the Instructor(s)

William Park has been drawing and painting full time since 1987 and exhibiting since 1995. His love of paint and all its characteristics are the driving force behind his work. William continuously finds new ways to express himself with these magnificent mediums. His process is driven by intuition and the need to see and experience things new.

William Park has been sharing this passion with students for over 15 years. Helping others find their true expression is a real joy for him. He encourages students to accept and be at peace with their current abilities and experience while continuing to practice and grow.

Materials List: Students Bring


• Acrylic paints - primary red, yellow and blue plus black and white

(These work well and will give you a full range of colors: Golden, primary magenta, primary yellow, primary cyan, Mars black and or VanDyke brown, Titanium white). Bring others if you like.

• At least 2 Gessoed canvas or panels, about 24\" to 30\"

• Rags

• Brushes for acrylics, variety of sizes from 1/2\" to 2 \"

• Water bucket 

• Pallette, paper tear off or glass or plea at least 12\" x 16\"

Materials List Provided by Instructor(s)

• Paper

• Ink

• Miscellaneous supplies

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