Altea Narici


Altea Narici is a traveling musician and artist from Italy, researching ecology and wildlife-related topics through performance, composition and community projects. She plays cello and sings across repertoires, from classical to traditional music to improvisation, and creates original songs about her travels and connection to the natural world. She writes on

Since 2018 Altea collaborates with wildlife researchers and science communicators, both as an artist and as a research assistant on the field, exploring new creative approaches in outreach using art and creativity and involving diverse audiences.

In 2021 she collaborated with Claudia Cesarini creating "The EcoAdventures: Christmas 2021", a children’s activity book about wildlife conservation around the world, in the role of illustrator and co-author and coordinating contributions by 4 conservation associations from Europe and the US.

Altea is an ambassador artist of the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation, which in 2020 supported her  first solo project "New Worlds” in North America: the project is now resuming in 2022, bringing her again to the Sitka Center and across North America and Hawaii, following migratory routes of birds and whales, and connecting with local communities and conservation organizations along the way. After this journey she plans to head back to Europe, to start recording and releasing her music.