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About Sitka

Sitka's Workshop Program, May through September, provides people of all levels the transformative and joyful experience of making art and exploring their connections to nature. We offer over 100 one- to four-day intensives on drawing, painting, music, nature, woodworking, sculpture, fiber arts, jewelry, metal work, photography, printmaking, and writing. Professional artists and ecology experts guide the instruction in one of the Center's studios or outdoors in the natural environment of Cascade Head and Salmon River estuary. The annual workshop catalog is available in print and online in February each year. More about the Workshop Program »

Sitka's Residency Program, October through May, provides artists, writers, musicians, architects and natural science scholars the opportunity to conduct their work while deeply engaging with the environment of Cascade Head. Up to seven residents at a time (up to 50 per year), from different disciplines and stages in their careers, live and work on campus for up to three months, free of charge. All residents are encouraged to perform community outreach during their stay, offering free exhibits and lectures on campus, presentations to area schools or community groups, and/or conducting scholarly research for local educational institutions. This is often a life-changing experience for the participants. More about the Residency Program »

Sitka’s Youth Art Programs provide in-school hands-on monthly Art Education programs for approximately 1800 students (PK-6) in Tillamook County and Lincoln County and continues to grow. Currently, no other visual art programs exist at these schools. The programs provide students with a hands-on, supportive opportunity to learn about artists and historical art movements, and to experiment with a variety of art techniques and media. Experienced art instructors go into individual classrooms each month to present a lesson focusing on an artist and/or art movement. The age-appropriate lesson includes a lecture/discussion focusing on the historical context of the artist(s), their work, and related vocabulary, an examination of samples of their artwork that focuses on the aesthetic value of the art and techniques used, and an age-appropriate art activity in the style of the subject/artist. In addition a youth based summer camp provides additional summer arts enrichment.

Previously programs were provided by the non-profit Community Arts Project. If you would like to learn more about the transition of these programs to Sitka's oversight you can read more.