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Upcoming Events

The Pan American Unity Mural, 1940 by Diego Rivera

Experience Sitka's Youth Arts May Art Lesson

Thursday, June 10, 2021

4pm PST, Live via Zoom

Free of charge, all ages welcome

Register here

People of all ages are invited to join us to experience Sitka’s Youth Arts Program, which provide in- school hands-on art education for 500 PreK – 6 grade students at Nestucca Valley Elementary and Garibaldi Grade School in Tillamook County. Students learn about historic and contemporary artists including their creative inspiration and connection to current events or movements. A hands-on portion of the lesson follows, allowing students to explore art mediums, practices and styles similar to what they learned about during the visual presentation. Most importantly, they have FUN while learning.

Join us in this special event and experience a Youth Arts Program lesson for yourself! This month students are learning about Muralism and ways in which the Mexican Muralism movement gave “voice to the people” following the Mexican Revolution. Together we will observe and discuss several different murals, including a mural located in right here in Tillamook County. We will practice creating drafts of personalized murals, utilizing any available supplies you have on hand, including paper and a medium/s of your choice such as pencils, crayons, or paints. Individual mural designs will focus on a common theme: “What we do matters.”

2021 Sitka Art Invitational - Portland

Saturday & Sunday, November 6 & 7

Miller Hall, World Forestry Center

4033 SW Canyon Road

Portland, Oregon

This spectacular exhibit and art sale brings together more than 140 artists, creating one of the most comprehensive exhibits of Pacific Northwest professional artistic talent. Mark your calendar and prepare to be inspired by 400+ pieces of art responding to and reflecting on the natural world.

Saturday & Sunday, November 6 & 7, 10am-4pm Exhibit & Sale

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