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Thank you for your interest in working at the Sitka Center.

There are no open positions at this time

COMMITMENT TO EQUITY: The Sitka Center for Art and Ecology affords equal employment opportunities to employees and applicants without regard to age, race, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, marital status, or any other characteristic protected by law. We are committed to equity and inclusion, and believe different voices and perspectives strengthen our organization and amplify our impact.


As the Center continues to look for new ways of bringing creativity into the world through art and ecology, volunteers are crucial to our success. Volunteers are needed to share their experience, time, expertise, and, of course, creativity. The Sitka Center has many opportunities to offer you.

Here's what our extraordinary volunteers have to say.

"If you're looking for peace & quiet, Sitka is the place. If you're looking for joy and fun, Sitka is the place. If you're looking for artistic stimulation, Sitka is also the place." Jän Polisensky, Historian Volunteer

"The Sitka Center is a special place, and it's a pleasure to be associated with it.  Personally, we believe strongly in the close relationship between art and ecology and feel good about doing our part to help promote Sitka's mission of melding the two." Pete and Connie Owston, Library Volunteers

"Volunteering at Sitka gives me the opportunity to feel part of this captivating environment and creative community, as well as, the satisfaction of contributing toward the continuation of Sitka's mission." Loretta Chambers, Office Volunteer

Volunteer Opportunities:

Dan Twichell, Doe Thirkell, and Ernie Rose

Sitka Spruce-Up Day:

Rain or shine, come out and join our staff members as we do light exterior and interior maintenance to keep our beautiful campus beautiful!

The list of short tasks include weeding, raking, cleaning windows, sweeping, re-painting bathrooms, etc. This is a come and go volunteer opportunity, any amount of time is greatly appreciated. Rain or shine, help us make Sitka sparkle. Get to know other volunteers and have a bit of fun, while sprucing up Sitka's campus from 9am-3pm.

Residents Allison Cekala, Satoko Motouji, and Lisa Sewell

Artist-In-Residence Helper:

Artists, writers, poets, musicians, scientists, and researchers-in-residence join us from around the world, as well as nearby, from October to May. Since they are new to the area, and often don't bring a car, they appreciate a lift. While they are deeply engaged in their artwork, they need to go to the grocery store too.


For those who enjoy getting their hands dirty, we have projects for you! We need folks to help with gardening, raking, and dead tree removal.


Volunteer for a specific event when an ongoing position just doesn't fit your schedule. We have several one-day events throughout the year where we need help before, during, and after the event.

Other ideas are happily embraced! How can we help each other? To chat further, please contact us at (541) 994-5485.

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