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Workshop applications for 2024 are completed.

The applications deadline for the 2024 season was  September 5, 2023.

If you're interested in submitting a new workshop proposal and instructing at the Sitka Center, please read our FAQ's below. Then go to the online workshop proposal submission web page for more details.

Thank you for your interest in teaching at the Sitka Center. The Center's 100+ class annual Workshop Program is taught by a diverse group of  80+ instructors. These instructors come from around Oregon and the nation to teach in an inspiring environment with dedicated students. Each year we seek 30 – 40 new instructors to refresh and invigorate our programs.

Sitka's health and safety policies, including regarding Covid-19, are subject to change based on the latest Oregon and US guidance.

If you have any questions, please email or call 541.994.5485

Thank you!

FAQ's about Teaching

What time of year do you offer workshops?

Our typical workshop season is from late May to the end of September.

How long does each workshop last?

Our workshops run from 1 day to 4 days, all days of the week. The typical length is 2-3 days, most workshops run from 10am-4pm. (Daily workshop schedule can be adjusted if you need students to arrive early to go out into the field for photos, birding etc.)

Where do I stay when I'm teaching at Sitka?

Instructors can stay at Sitka in the small residencies on campus for no charge while teaching their workshop. The arrival time is 4-5 pm the evening before the workshop and the departure time is 11 am the day after the workshop. The space is stocked with basic kitchen cookware, salt & pepper, linens, towels, etc. You will need all perishable/consumable supplies i.e. food, soap, shampoo, etc. ADA-compliant parking and housing is available on campus; please let us know if you will need these accommodations.

How are instructors paid for teaching workshops?

We recognize that all instructors have varying levels of experience. We ask that you base your instructor fee on what you need to charge for a 6-hour workshop day. Class size is determined by medium and facilities, your instructor fee does not reflect class size. Material fees are calculated separately and will be reimbursed to you based on how many participants are enrolled. If there is a model, we collect model fees and pay them directly. If enrollment is low the class may be cancelled.

Tips for instructor fee setting Most instructor fees fall within a range of $200 - $400 per day. Some experienced instructors with established local student followings and strong personal marketing skills charge more, and are able to fill their workshops. Newer instructors and those still developing their audiences and personal marketing skills charge less. We calculate the cost of your workshop based on your teaching fee. The goal is to set the right balance based on your experience, your ability to help advertise your workshop, and a final tuition price point that feels fair to Sitka's workshop participants. When we find the right balance, the workshops fill easily and our instructors are able to run their workshops. Browsing last year's Sitka catalog is a great way to familiarize yourself with Sitka's offerings and tuition range.

Do I get reimbursed for travel?

We do not reimburse for travel expenses. Please take this into consideration when coming up with your instructor fee.

Will there be anyone to assist with the workshop?

Our Studio Technician will assist with the studio set-up with you and will check-in on the class throughout the day. When it is time to pack-up and leave, they will help you clean up.

May I bring an assistant with me to help support me while I teach my workshop at Sitka Center?

Sitka Center provides studio technicians to assist with the following: Opening and setting up your studio space, directing participants to your workshop and supporting off-campus workshop field trips. However, if you feel you may need to bring a personal assistant with you to help with your workshop, please contact the Program Manager at least 2 weeks in advance of your workshop to discuss these needs.

When contacting the Program Manager, please keep in mind the following:
* We do not provide separate housing for personal assistants.
* For parking, each workshop has one assigned instructor spot only and assistants need to travel in the same vehicle as the instructor.
* Your personal assistant is not allowed to lecture during the workshop (Please see the FAQ about Team Teaching).
* You are responsible for any money paid to your personal assistant.
* Your personal assistant should not participate in the workshop as a student.

Team Teaching/Guest Teachers

We are open to offering courses that are team taught. However, if you wish to have more than one instructor please include that information with names and credentials during the application phase.

Can I bring another person?

Yes, you are welcome to bring a person with you but they can not attend the workshop unless they are registered. (Let us know if you have questions about the space available in the residence.)

Can I bring a pet?
No, you may not bring pets to stay with you in the residence, studio or in your vehicle.

How does lunch time work?

Students bring their own lunches and we have a small kitchen with dishes, refrigerator and microwave available for use. Instructors typically allow 30-45 minutes for lunch.  We do not provide food services.

What type of space will I teach my workshop in?

We will schedule your workshop in the best space for your topic in Boyden or Smith studio.
See Facilities

How do I submit a new workshop proposal?

You will submit your workshop proposal online. 
We ask for:
- 3 print quality images, that reflect the workshop that you are proposing
- Materials lists, what is provided by instructors and students
- Workshop description, 100 words
- Instructor bios, 50 words 

Sample Instructor Bios

Jane Ingram Allen
Jane Ingram Allen has taught classes and workshops at art centers, museums and residencies in the US and many other countries. Her specialty is paper-making with local plants and creating environmental art installations. Her approach to teaching is open and flexible, creating a free and friendly atmosphere where students can explore and excel. 

Judy Vogland
Oregon painter Judy Vogland has taught surface building with sand and found materials on Oregon beaches for 43 years. In addition to teaching at Portland State University, Hillsboro High School and Sitka, Vogland creates public space and corporate artwork and works in collage/assemblage for gallery exhibitions.

Ruth Armitage
Abstract painter Ruth Armitage has been honored with signature status in the National Watercolor Society and many regional groups. She divides her painting time between watercolor, acrylic and oils. Ruth's work has been featured on OPB's Art Beat and has been exhibited and published nationally. Most recently, Ruth’s work was featured in the Spring 2017 issue of Acrylic Artist Magazine. You’ll find Ruth’s work locally at the Portland Art Museum's Rental Sales Gallery. A former high school teacher, Ruth enjoys sharing art and inspiration in the classroom. Students enjoy her organized and creative approach to teaching.

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