Youth Art and Ecology Programs

Sitka’s Youth Programs provide a variety of year round workshops during and after school and for summer programs. During the school year, this includes hands-on monthly Art Education programs for approximately 1300+ students (PK-8) in Tillamook and Lincoln County and plans to continue growing. Currently, no other visual art curriculum exists at these schools. These programs provide young learners with a hands-on, supportive opportunity to learn about contemporary and modern artists and art movements and to experiment with a variety of art techniques and media. Experienced art instructors go into individual classrooms each month to present a lesson focusing on an artist and/or art movement. The age-appropriate workshops include a lecture/discussion focusing on the historical or current day context surrounding the artist(s) and their work, examining samples of artwork, a focus on techniques used and aesthetic value and an art activity in the style of the subject/artist.

During the summer, special multiple week long summer art workshops are conducted in partnership with Nestucca Valley Elementary providing additional art enrichment to those who wouldn't otherwise receive these experiences.

Previously programs were provided by the non-profit, Community Arts Project before 2019. If you would like to learn more about the transition of these programs to Sitka's oversight you can read more.

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