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About our Facilities

Sitka maintains a collection of studios and residences for its programs.

Our Facilities


Smith Studio

Smith Studio

Built in 1996, this 800-square-foot studio with concrete floor features color- corrected overhead fluorescent lighting, and ample natural light from southwestern windows and skylights. This studio is most often used as our printmaking studio, as it holds the Center’s Ray Trayle press and smaller 2' x 4' press, as well as other equipment appropriate to printmaking. During workshop season, this studio can comfortably accomodate 8-10 workshop participants.

Boyden Studio

Boyden Studio

The first building on campus, built in 1972, and remodeled in 2012. This rustic, 1500-square-foot studio features wood floors, picturesque views of the ocean, 3 sinks, a small kitchen area, and ample natural light. During workshop season, it can comfortably accomodate up to 12 studio students and up to 15 people for a lecture style class.

Edelman Studio

Edelman Studio

Remodeled in 1994 and 2012, this 550-square-foot studio is adjacent to and shares a partition wall with the Boyden Studio. It has a small sink and features a color-corrected fluorescent light system, combination incandescent overhead, projection screen and spotlights all with dimmer controls appropriate for multiple use. The studio has a view of sculpture garden and forest from north-facing windows. During workshop season this studio is often used in tandem with Boyden for a critique space or to view presentations.

Sculpture Studio

Sculpture Studio

Built in 1999, this 500-square-foot studio with concrete floor has color-corrected overhead fluorescent lighting, with moderate natural light from windows and two sets of French doors. This studio houses a large double sink, two electric kilns, potter’s wheel, two-phase power, power tools including table saw, drill press, belt sander, compressor, other portable tools. The studio includes storage space for glazes, clay, tools, woodworking tables and equipment.

‍‍clockwise from upper left: Sculpture Garden, Collins Centrum, Maveety Courtyard.


Collins Centrum

Houses our administrative offices, and the Library, where writing workshops are frequently held.

The Harold Hirsch Sculpture Garden

Tucked into the surrounding forest, this gem features work by former instructors and residents.

Maveety Courtyard

On a sunny day, this inviting open courtyard is the place to be!

McKee House (accessible)


Sitka has five private residences on campus, Petterson Studio, Morley House, Gray House, McKee House, and the New House for its annual residents. Learn more about how we use the houses in the fall, winter and spring during our residency program.

Residence at Grass Mountain

Grass Mountain

In June 2017 Sitka acquired Grass Mountain, an 80-acre property within the Cascade Head Scenic Research Area. About a mile from the existing Sitka location, Grass Mountain will operate as a programmatically integrated second site. Over time Sitka will offer workshops, residencies, and new programming at this beautiful location.


To learn more details about our campus, you are welcome to download brochures on our outdoor sculpture collection and on the history of our buildings.

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Morley House Living room
Sitka Library
Boyden Studio