Bukola Koiki

Fiber Arts
Fall 2022

Bukola Koiki is a Nigerian-American multimedia fiber artist whose work upends reductive tropes of the West African immigrant experience by interpreting the liminal spaces she inhabits between two very different cultures. As a descendant of the Yoruba people and a product of a "formerly" colonized country, Koiki's work is conceptually guided by contemporary and archival research used to discuss themes such as homesickness and belonging, rites of passage, cultural objects of power, sociolinguistic phenomena, the messy past and afterlife of colonialism and more. Koiki’s multidimensional works reflect her material and technical curiosity and include hand-pulled prints from embroidered collagraph plates, giant beads employing Nigerian hair threading techniques, handmade and hand-dyed paper, Tyvek head ties dyed in indigo, amongst other explorations.