Karina Hurtado Ocampo

Visual Arts

Karina is a multimedia, tender of surrealist and political story worlds; worlds informed by their training as a political educator in New York City. Their scripts have won industry-acclaimed screenwriting and film festival competitions and they are currently working on their first feature-length documentary, Rewriting Fort Apache: A South Bronx Story.

As an extension of their social commitment as an artist, they created macorina media in 2017; a creative home base that facilitates, organizes, and sustains collaborative projects amongst artists in relationship to grassroots networks. They have developed community projects in Colombia, Venezuela and Mexico and as a result, place special emphasis on making content that is multilingual and accessible across continents and multiple generations. While at Sitka, Karina will be writing their first draft of a feature-length, bilingual script: Eso Se Sbe - a drama exploring the impacts of climate change, climate resiliency plans and extractivist economic policies on coastal communities in Colombia.