Licity Collins

Spring 2023

Licity Collins grew up in the cello section of the Washington DC Youth Orchestra and hears all music like a symphony. But when her cranky cello teacher got angry at her for not practicing, and yelled, “What do you want to play, saxophone?” she took up the saxophone. Singing has always given Licity a voice to express parts of her that could not be easily spoken because she felt invisible in a world which too often ignored who she was, and became fixated on what she was. This fuels her passion for raw, honest, true stories shared any way possible.

After her Bachelor's degree from Brown University in American Civilization and Public Policy, (and a summer as a farmhand and house painter) Licity launched a wide-ranging career as a conceptual artist giving voice to things too often left unsaid or whispered. Her conceptual works utilized installation, assemblage, and performance in the gallery, on the stage, and in the street, with tools from house paint, to audio, to hand-sewn textiles, to electrical devices, to her own body. She was one of a handful of trailblazing artists, to manipulate the nascent internet, creating satirical culturally interrogatory work that gained world-wide attention and is cited in several art history books.

Licity obtained her Master's of Fine Art from Portland State University, and toured the country giving lectures about her art and the cultural topics it deconstructed and exploded. She co-founded and designed award-winning sets for a boundary-pushing consensus-based theatre company, and brought theatre as a tool of expression and healing to women in prison.

In the fall of 2012, music tapped her on the shoulder and said, “It’s time,” so she got a guitar. Her debut folk-meets-classic-rock album ONE GIRL TOWN was released in the spring of 2018. Her live folk-meets-rock album LOVE COURAGE YES was released in 2019 and included diary-based spoken word. THE FLOWER IN THE MIRROR WAS DEAD scored spoken prose collection was released in 2022 and has been classified as 20th/21st Century Classical.

After living in Washington DC, Providence, Chicago and Portland OR, Licity is currently based in the small quirky town of Ojai, California.

Flesh Toned Skin