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Inside the studio

Jennifer Williams

Jennifer Williams

About Jennifer Williams:

Mixed media landscape painter, Williams' richly textured surfaces and atmospheric layers capture nature in a state of change and reference the Pacific Northwest, where sky and water are constantly moving. Her work addresses nature's resilience, cycles of regeneration and our relationship with nature.  Her distinct style of painting on maps and connectivity with nature has led to a strong following that includes corporate and private collections throughout the U.S. and abroad. She paints full-time in her home studio in Ridgefield, Washington and has been a Sitka Invitation artists since 2017.

Jennifer Williams shared this:

My work focuses on nature’s power to renew itself and also to renew us. I strive to capture nature’s tranquility and its ability to settle our thoughts as we let go of our worries. I’m not aiming for the landscape to look real. I want it to feel real. My work is inspired by the sense of place that stays with you after you’ve left.Working intuitively, my landscapes are built from layers of paper and paint, that are explored and excavated as the land itself. Beginning each painting with a map, it becomes an important part of the composition. Like roots, roads, or veins of the earth, tiny map lines add pattern, rhythm, and energy. These lines are a symbol of our connection to the natural environment, a reminder that we are a part of it and responsible to care for it.      

I am excited to share inside my studio and my new body of work “The Nature of Healing" opening at Waterworks Gallery in Friday Harbor, May 28-June 26, 2021. Nature is a refuge to inspire, reflect and heal. May you find resilience in the majesty of the mountains, renewal in the changing tide, and comfort in a morning blanket of fog.

Images of studio

Inside my home studio in Ridgefield, WA
In the studio, finished wall and two just beginning with raw maps.

Images of Work

INTO THE MOUNTAINS 24"x 48" acrylic medium and recycled maps on wood panel
MEDITATION BLUE 40"x60" acrylic medium and recycled maps on wood panel
THE NATURE OF HEALING 48"x 36" acrylic medium and recycled maps on wood panel.
NEW GROWTH 48"x 36" acrylic medium and recycled maps on wood panel
THE NATURE OF HEALING 48"x 36" acrylic medium and recycled maps on wood panel

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