Joseph Scott

Joe Scott is a member of the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians, a descendent of the Rogue River Tribes of what is now Southwestern Oregon. He currently lives and works on Kalapuya Illahee as Director of the Traditional Ecological Inquiry Program, collaborating with regional land stewards to support Tribal environmental engagement, promote food sovereignty, and explore traditional ways of knowing, focused on Indigenous ecological science and traditional fire. He is a fire practitioner, cultural ecologist, traditional artist, and a lifelong Tribal teacher and learner.

As an artistic craftsperson, Joe draws inspiration from oak trees, ceremony, quality tools, and fire at night. Joe works with materials found in healthy, abundant ecosystems - often shaped by Human People working with fire in ways that make balance and beauty. The grace and beauty of traditional tending practice on the land is found in the co-evolved and fire-adapted objects, songs, stories, and ceremonies shared among the People since time began. Taking this abundance in hand, Joe works to give grace and beauty back to the land in ways that honor and celebrate a living landscape.