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Awaken your Senses to the Natural World

Awaken your Senses to the Natural World

Awaken your Senses to the Natural World

Workshop Instructor: Zebith Thalden

Participants and artwork: Meg McGill (F/G), AnthonyYoung (A/B), Shari Dallas (C/I/K), Bonnie Little (E/H), Jacelen Pearson (J), &Angie Potter (D/L)

In 2021, participants spent time witnessing both the SalmonRiver estuary at Knight Park and the headland meadow at Cascade Head. Returning to the studio, our contemplative observations turned into creative inspiration. Through words and numerous works of art, we shared our individual ecological reflections of both locations. More at:





everything before and everything after




Sensation… touch and thought

respond to the unknowable numinous

where inspiration and creativity originate

expansive possibility


Choose to see


Ocean mirroring sky

ever changing


wind wave land

moving together

powerful force


Spacious vista


Grass whispers


relationship to wind



A continent’s edge

millions of years old

long before us and long after

meets largest ocean




Everyday barriers dissolve

values ethics respect




Of all the things to think do and be

this beautiful place… is enough.