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Anna Glynn


by Anna Glynn

Chinese ink on treated xuan paper.

68” x 36”

During my many wandering perambulations through the Cascade Head landscape I came across creatures strange to my antipodean eyes! They didn’t hop and had no marsupial pouches which was even stranger.

‘Ungulate-scape’ is my response that fuses my glimpses of the local ungulate wildlife encountered in the Cascade Head Scenic Research Area. The work incorporates within the silhouette of the deer/elk-like beast the landscape and animals (including humans) of the Sitka Spruce Stand: deer, elk, squirrels, crows, heron, shrew and human scattered amongst a mountainous forest.

Award winning Australian artist, Anna Glynn draws on a diversified practice that incorporates painting, drawing, film making, moving image, animation, sculpture, installation, photography, writing, music, sound and live performance. Through international interdisciplinary collaborations of art and science she explores landscape and nature to create site-responsive artworks which examine the amplified response that a physical engagement with the natural environment has the power to

One of the focusses during Glynn and Dalmazzo’s residency was the collection of sound field recordings throughout the landscape, above and below water in the variety of ecotypes present, aquatic and terrestrial, the estuary and the sea, forests and grasslands, in nature and human environments. Peter created an extensive database of sounds and Anna created a number of soundscape works. A work by Anna titled ‘Atmospheric River’ is based on: excerpts of recordings from the Oregon 24-hour weather information service, field recordings and original musical compositions.