56605 Sitka Drive
Otis, OR 97368
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Lanny DeVuono

Lanny DeVuono

I came to Sitka planning to continue working on outer space as a visual metaphor for what we are losing here on earth. I tentatively call this series Searching for Water on Mars.

Sitka enabled me to draw surrounded by a forest lush in the day and truly, beautifully dark at night. It’s a place where I could watch herd of elk and see where the ocean mixes with land. It’s also a place where I could work undisturbed, day or night, both or neither.

Salmon River Estuary

I started drawing images of water which quickly turned into a focus on foam-- water as it breaks into waves before touching the sand and the strange, sometimes colored swirls of organic materials that leave bubbles in their wake.

These drawings will be shown as a long frieze of 30-50 images in a row--a kind of visual narrative. Sitka has provided the best of a good beginning and I’m thankful for both the time and place.