Felix Prater


Felix Prater is a multi-medium ecological artist. His practice is an exploration into art's power to deepen our relationships with other species, the land, and the life we inhabit. His work spans a wide range of practices, including; Film, Performance, Music, Poetry, Collage, Painting and Installation.

Felix is interested in how our perspective can be informed by the artwork we experience. Particularly how we can recover from the lifeless alienation of reductionist materialism and industrialist perspectives, and again perceive ourselves in a natural world, full of life and meaning. “Our western generation faces a unique challenge, we have to reform emotional relationships with all the components of life we have lost touch with; The air, the sky, the water, the earth and other beings. Where reductionist science has only left us with tools to Describe our surroundings, I believe it is art’s duty to reintroduce a way of deeply Connecting to the world around us”

To create empathetic relationships between humans and other species, Felix believes we must put ourselves “in their shoes”. One way Felix does this is by documenting his experiences pretending to be other species with a point of view headcam; allowing the viewer to experience life from another perspective. “Its a process of recognizing that the earth was not created solely for humans, that we share our lives with all other life forms, and it is our responsibility to respect their freedom to the same extent we expect our own freedom to be respected”

Felix Prater is based between Brighton, United Kingdom and Berlin, Germany.