Frequently Asked Questions

How can a professional Artist apply to be included in the Art Invitational?

Send your name, email address and website to before February 28 of the year you wish to be considered. The Artist Selection Panel will review your work and make a selection based on the work they see on your website. Please make sure your website is up to date and your current work is easily accessible.

What does an Artist need to do if they are invited to participate in the Art Invitational?

The Artist must reply to the invite and respond to all emails requesting images and information for the database in a timely manner. Artists must be available (or schedule someone else) to drop off three (3) pieces of artwork of their choosing, at the venue on the designated day of art drop-off and must pick up any unsold art on the designated day of art pick-up. Specific dates will be communicated to the Artist in advance. Art requirements and restrictions will be communicated to the Artists in the invitational.

How do buyers get their purchased art after the Art Invitational is over?

Buyers will be able to pick up their art on the designated date and time when the show has been taken down and all sold art is carefully wrapped and labeled.

Why do Buyers have to wait to pick up their purchased art?

The Art Invitational is only up for one weekend and the art must stay on the walls until the end of the show so that viewers are able to see the show in its entirety. The show would lose its cohesiveness if art was taken off the walls early. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding.

How can I volunteer during the event?

Every year we rely on over 80 volunteers to help us run the exhibit smoothly. If you would like information about volunteer opportunities please send an email to or call 541-994-5485.