About Current Residents

Christian Orellana Bauer
Blue Sky Photography

Christian Orellana Bauer (b. Cuenca, Ecuador) is a multi/interdisciplinary poet, photographer, visual artist, filmmaker and musician working in a wide variety of mediums. They are interested in many subjects some of which include language and its relationship to culture, ethnocentric v.s ethnorelativist viewpoints, pluralism, ecology/climate collapse, the idea of cultural belonging and its relationship to race, melancholy, humor and the aesthetic experience. Through these themes (and others) they explore parallels and intersections within the sociopolitical frameworks that construct our reality and their impact on the individual. They hope to make generally approachable work that promotes thought, discussion, and at times joy within/between viewers. They received a B.A from Portland State University, completed the Portfolio Program in poetry at the IPRC (Independent Publishing Resource Center), and have shared their work through galleries, events and publications around Portland + Oregon.