About Current Residents

Midnight Seed Abioto
Spring 2024

Midnight is a muse, a consummate lover, an oracle, a mystic, and a mother of five goddesses.  Her tools are culinary arts, wordsmithing, spirit law, and storyteller.  For over thirty years, she practiced human rights law throughout the byways and highways of Mississippi.   She is a culinary evolutionary storyteller "Green Lady” and she has brought her southern roots to vegan and vegan sun foods from the south to the northwest.  Combining writing, theatre, law and spirit; she has been led in the spirit to create "Holy Mojo", a spiritual interactive theatre, "Legal Oracle", a  publishing company engaged in the interpretation of world issues from a cultural metaphysical perspective as it impacts people of color, " O'zeal Inspirational Spa", a spirit healing modality, "Midnight Seed" a mystical apothecary and  "Green Lady" a  living light food vegan cafe.  She is a queen mother of five women who have brought their extraordinary qualities to the earth and for this, she is most grateful.   She is a consummate lover of life evolving and bursting boundaries of preconceived dogma and for that, she is most blessed.