About Current Residents

Rose Zheng Abramoff

Rose Zheng Abramoff, PhD (she, they), is a research scientist, activist and performance artist. Rose studies the effect of climate change and human land use on a variety of ecosystems, including temperate and Mediterranean forests, Arctic tundra and agricultural fields. Rose is also a climate justice activist committed to dismantling the fossil economy with love, sociocracy and direct action. Rose has worked on making people viscerally understand ecology through art, as an advisor with the ClimateMusic Project (2017-2018) and as a dancer with Luminarium Dance Company (2012-2015). Rose is surprisingly conflict-avoidant for someone who was fired from their job at a major national laboratory, and has superglued, chained, lock-boxed and blockaded all manner of infrastructure. They will do what they can to tip society into the unprecedented action required to leave behind a livable planet.