About Current Residents

Thomas Meinzen

Thomas is a composer, conservation ecologist and writer originally from Eugene, Oregon. He received a BA in Environmental Humanities from Whitman College and an MSc. in Ecology from Montana State University focused on bee and butterfly conservation. He has worked across the U.S. and Costa Rica as a bird and pollinator field biologist and currently supports communications and operations for two nonprofits based in Portland, OR.

Thomas studied music composition with John David Earnest and Eric Funk, and was awarded the first William Bailey Music Composition Scholarship (2015-2019) and the David Campbell Award for Best Senior Recital for his original work interweaving human and natural soundscapes with transcribed bird songs and live music. He strives to develop music and writing that conveys the emotional depth and complexity of the natural world and inspires active care for the rich and varied life on our planet.

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In Other MInds Album cover
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