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Perfume Portraits: Capturing Places in Fragrance

Minimum age:
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Start date:
End date:
June 29, 2024
June 29, 2024
10:00 - 4:00
Participate: In-Person Online
In-Person Available Only
Online Available Only

Workshop Overview

Embark on a sensorial journey that transcends boundaries and captures the essence of a place through the art of perfume making. In this immersive workshop participants will delve into the enchanting world of fragrances, exploring the marriage between nature's endless inspiration and the olfactory artistry of crafting a wearable aroma. Throughout the workshop, participants will discover the profound relationship between scent and memory, learning how fragrances can evoke emotions and transport us to distant landscapes. The focal point of this offering will revolve around creating a custom perfume that encapsulates the essence of a chosen place - a location that holds personal significance or resonates deeply with the participant.

About the Instructor(s)

Amy Bryant Aiello is an artisanal perfumer and the visionary force behind a unique and cherished creative retail space, Artemisia Collage with Nature, that has thrived for close to two decades. Her establishment serves as a harmonious junction where nature's allure intertwines with the boundless realms of imagination and self-expression. Amy specializes in orchestrating bespoke perfume experiences, where she acts as a guide, leading individuals on a transformative olfactory journey, where she unravels narratives and extracts stories through the art of scent-making.Through the selection and exploration of these essences, Amy unveils the profound and intimate connection between each individual and the botanical universe.

Materials List: Students Bring

Notebook and pen/pencil

Materials List: Provided by Instructor(s)

Premium Natural essences

Perfume bottles


Perfume worksheet

Fragrance sticks

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