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Curious and Courageous Connections

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July 27, 2024
July 29, 2024
10:00 - 4:00
Participate: In-Person Online
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Workshop Overview

Adaptation is fundamental to all forms and stages of life, and is central to both theme and practice of this workshop. Taking inspiration from our natural surroundings, we will incorporate autobiographical imagery into surreal and abstract narrative paintings that celebrate our personal adaptive strengths. During this process you will learn techniques for matching color, texture and pattern to seamlessly incorporate printed imagery into acrylic painting. We will take field trips the first and second mornings to sketch sources for compositional layouts and then take to the studio those afternoons and the full third day to assemble our paintings.

About the Instructor(s)

Anthony Young has taught AP Studio Art at Corbett High School since 2004. He employs peer reflection to help highlight effective composition. He is compelled by the experience of discovery inherent to making art, and especially finds joy supporting others to develop their voice in craft and concept.

Materials List: Students Bring

For our sketching field trips:

Sketchbook, 9" x 12" or any similar size

Soft pencils and/or pens for sketching


Vine and/or compressed charcoal

Small range of colors in any media of your choice (colored pencil, soft pastel and/or watercolor)

Optional items for comfort while sketching on site, including portable chair, hat, sunscreen, bug spray, etc.and water bottle for hydration

For collage:

Between 3 and 12 printed photos, 5"x7" or larger depicting objects, places and/or people important to you. Choose components of your life stories (natural and social environments). These may represent personal challenges and/or periods of growth and will be core to the theme of your work. Color photocopies are preferred; you will trim, glue and paint over them as you incorporate them into your paintings.

Art knife (X-Acto or other)


Mod Podge or other acrylic clear medium for collage

For painting:

3 panels as painting substrate (wood, canvas or other sturdy material of your choice), sizes similar to 11" x 14" or larger

Acrylic paint (bring your preferred colors). I always like to include these:

-Titanium white

-Cadmium yellow hue or hansa yellow opaque

-Cadmium red light or napthol red

-Alizerin Crimson or Quinachridone red

-Phthalo blue

-Burnt umber

A selection of 5 or more of your favorite brushes (including small round and flat brushes for detail, one 1/2" flat, one 1" flat, one 2" wide brush (house painting brushes and craft brushes are fine for larger brushes)

Painting palette 9" x 12" (pad of disposable sheets or solid)

Palette knife for mixing paint

Small spray bottle for misting paint

Container for water


Painting knives, if desired

3 or more non-traditional tools for texturing techniques, such as toothbrush, comb, expired credit card, bath squee-gee, bubble wrap, coffee grounds, etc. Be prepared to share with class!

Apron or old shirt to work in

Rags or paper towels

Materials List: Provided by Instructor(s)

Magazines offering selection of textures, colors and patterns

Sun Art paper kits

Sand paper

Rubbing alcohol

Additional brushes, scissors, paint, medium available for student use

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